The King's Invitation

By Warren Judkins


Jesus' parable of the King's invitation to a feast, declined by all those first invited (Matthew 22).


Matthew 22:1-14



Narr 1: Once upon a time...

Narr 2: all good stories start...

Narr 1: ...lived a great King...

Narr 2: ...who had great wealth...

Narr 1: ...and great power...

Narr 2: ...and great parties!

Narr 1: In fact, he was rather fond of a good party...

Narr 2: So one day he said:

King: Friends, Romans,countrymen... let's have a party!!

All: Yeah! Yay! etc.

King: Let's have the biggest and best party ever held!

All: Yeah! Yay! etc.

King: And invite everyone we know.

All: Yeah! Yay! etc.

Cyril: Err... even our parents?

King: Everyone!

All: ( except Cyril ) Yeah! Yay! etc.

Narr 1: So the King sent out servants with his invitations.

Narr 2: They went to all the King's friends...

Narr 1: ...and their conversations sounded something like this:

Servant: Knock knock!

Aardvark: Who's there?

Servant: The King's servant.

Aardvark: Oh! ( Happily ) What do you want?

Servant: To invite you to the King's party. It's .....

Aardvark: Sorry; just bought a new Volkswagen and gotta take it for a spin.

Servant: But it's gonna be great!

Aardvark: Yeah...but so's the Beetle. See ya! Coming, Sheila? ( Exits, making brmm noises )

Servant: Knock knock!

Boris: Who's there? ( Not very friendly )

Servant: The King's servant.

Boris: Oh! What's the problem?

Servant: No problem. I'm here to invite you to the King's party.

Boris: What King?

Servant: The King!

Boris: I don't believe there is a King.

Servant: Then how come he's having a party?

Boris: Look - don't confuse me. Goodbye! ( Stamps off )

Servant: ( Sigh ) Knock knock!

Cyril: Who's there?

Servant: The King's servant.

Cyril: Oh no, what have I done wrong?

Servant: Nothing! It's -

Cyril: ( Very quickly ) Was it that time I -

Servant: No! It's -

Cyril: Or the time I -

Servant: No! I -

Cyril: How about when -

Servant: No! Look, there's -

Cyril: Oh phew! Goodbye. ( Slams door )

Servant: He... ( Stops, sadly ) ...just wants you to come to his party.

Servant: Knock knock!

Dude: Who's there?

Servant: Little old lady.

Dude: Little old lady who?

Servant: I didn't know you could yodel! Haha! ( Stops laughing quickly )

Dude: Sick, very sick.

Servant: Ahem. The King would like to invite you to his party.

Dude: The King! Hah! How does he expect me to come to his party when I'm so busy slaving away for him?!

Servant: I'm sure he wouldn't mind you stopping for his p-

Dude: Stop?! Hah! There's always something to organise, or some meeting, or someone on the phone... I'm sorry, but a party is out of the question!

Narr 2: There were all kinds of excuses:

Narr 1: "I'm too young."

Narr 2: "I'm too old."

Narr 1: "I'm too tired."

Narr 2: "I'm too busy."

Narr 1: "Got a party of my own, thanks."

Narr 2: "Don't care anyway."

King: STOP!!!

Narr 1: The King roared.

King: So, they won't come to my party, eh? Well, so be it! But we're still going to have the best and biggest party ever! Servants, go everywhere! Get everyone!

Narr 2: Everyone?!

King: Everyone!!! Go!

Narr 1: So they did. ( Narr 1, 2 and Servant exit down aisles, half miming as they go. )

Servant: Hey Mr Wino - do you want to come to the King's party?

Narr 1: Miss Street Kid - do you want to come?

Narr 2: You with the tattoo - do you want to come too?

Servant: Say, Mr Big -

Narr 1: Hey there, hooker -

Narr 2 :You - bully...

Servant: Politicians -

Narr 1: Dentists -

Narr 2: Slow learners -

Servant: ( Loudly ) EVERYONE! Do you want to come to the King's party?!

Cyril: Well, it was a great occasion.

Dude: A great party.

King: But as for those who turned down my invitation.... ( Angrily )

Cyril: Oh dear...

Dude: How sad...

Cyril: Never mind...

Dude: Best not to think about it...

Cyril: Unless you're one of them...

Dude: In which case you'd better think pretty carefully.

King: What have YOU done with the King's invitation?


Warren Judkins 1990
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold for profit in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged.
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