The Woman of Samaria

By Andy Lund


The woman met by Jesus is interviewed by a radio presenter.



Presenter: I'd like you to welcome to the studio this morning a lady with a special tale to tell about how she met Jesus Christ.

Woman of Samaria: Good morning

Presenter: Welcome. Perhaps you could tell us how you came across Jesus?

Woman of Samaria: Of course. I live with ... well I won't go into that at the moment. I live in a town called Sychar. One of my daily chores is getting water for all our needs. We usually run out in the morning, so around midday I go down to the well to fetch some more. We call it Jacob's well.

Presenter: I see.

Woman of Samaria: Well, I was going down there as usual one day, and I could see someone sitting resting by the well. It was pretty hot and he looked in need of a break. I got closer, but I didn't recognise him, and anyway we women are not supposed to get too close or talk to strangers. But the strange thing was he talked to me.

Presenter Oh, what did he say?

Woman of Samaria: He asked me for a drink. I was so shocked.

Presenter: How do you mean?

Woman of Samaria: Well, like I say, we're not really supposed to talk. And anyway, as you know I'm a Samaritan woman, and we don't get on with Jews like he was.

Presenter: So what did you do?

Woman of Samaria: I told him straight - you're a Jew and I'm a Samaritan. How can you ask me for a drink?

Presenter: What did he say to that?

Woman of Samaria: Something really strange. He said you should be asking me for living water.

Presenter What do you think he meant by that?

Woman of Samaria: I didn't rightly know at the time. But I reckon it was to do with the special things he could give me, because he was special himself. He said he could give me eternal life, for one thing, and that's a bit more important than a bucket of water. I was really intrigued.

Presenter: How did it go on then?

Woman of Samaria: I asked for this living water, like he said - but at the time I really wasn't sure what he was going on about. But then he changed the subject.

Presenter: How do you mean?

Woman of Samaria: Well, he came right out with it and asked me to fetch my husband.

Presenter Was that so difficult?

Woman of Samaria: Well ... a bit ... yes. You see I've not lived a very good life really. In fact I've been married 5 times already and ... well I'm with another man. It sort of embarrassed me.

Presenter: So what did you do?

Woman of Samaria: I tried to change the subject. Who wouldn't? It was all getting too close for comfort. I asked him about where you should go to church and all that. That usually gets people going. Oh yes, and to throw him off the scent a bit I also mentioned about how God was going to send a special person to us.

Presenter : And what did he say to that.

Woman: That really astonished me. He said I am that special person. I was really amazed. Anyway his friends who'd been shopping came back, and they looked really surprised to find us chatting.

Presenter: So you carried on and got your water?

Woman of Samaria: No, I was so excited at finding him, I just had to go and tell my friends back in the town.

Presenter: What did they think?

Woman of Samaria: They couldn't wait to see him, too. They went off and saw him and got him to stay with us for a couple of days. They could see for themselves that Jesus was someone special. Loads of us have become his followers. We think he's the best thing that's ever happened to us.


© Andy Lund 1999 All rights reserved
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