Bob The Hamster

By Dave Taylor


A version of the lost sheep parable from Matthew 18 Vs 10 and Luke 15 Vs 3, but featuring Bob the Hamster.. 


Matthew 18 Vs 10, Luke 15 Vs 3


Dave - A Member of the H.A. Extremely worried.
Narrator - Has Only one line.
Bob - Isn't really a character but a prop, but I thought he should get a mention. The lost hamster.


A Hamster doll. I originally used a Toy cow, but as long as the audience cant see it in detail it doesn't matter. He was placed at the front of the stage, where the pause word is.


(Dave is running around the auditorium/church shouting out phrases like "Bob" and "Here Bob", or "Where are you bob". He tries to make as much nuisance as possible, crawling under peoples chairs and moving through crowded rows. He eventually gets to the centre of the room [after around 1 minute] and stands on a chair, or somewhere high up)
Dave: [Tries to get everyone's attention] Excuse me. EXCUSE ME!
[He waits till everyone is looking at him.]
Right I was wondering if you could all help me. I'm a member of the H.A. - The Hamster Association, and we had a meeting here about an hour before this started. Now one of the hamsters escaped. now I was wondering if you could help me find him. He's called Bob. He's about this big...
[moves his hands apart to the right size of the hamster, so everyone can see how big it is]
Dave: ...and I must warn you, he's a bit tired, and when he gets tired he gets grumpy. And he has very sharp teeth. Very Sharp.
[He pulls out his hand and shows them the finger with the plaster on]
Dave: Anyway, the HA had 100 hamsters with them. When I counted them up at the end of the meeting I found one missing. I soon realized it was Bob. So I left the others in the other room, and come to find Bob. So if you see him can you please tell me.
[Moves away from the centre of the room and goes to the top of the stage, continuing to shout out things like "Bob" and "Where are you?" etc.]
Dave: Oh I'm never gonna find him
[Dave pauses at the top of the stage, and the Narrator enters]
Narrator: Luke Chapter 15 Verse 4 to 5. Suppose one of you has one hundred sheep and loses one of them. Does he not leave the ninety nine in the open and go after the lost sheep till he finds it?
[Narrator exits and Dave starts to move again. This time he moves to the front of the stage, just narrowly missing the Bob doll.]
Dave: I'll never find him now. Oh no, my boss is going to kill me.
[Dave jumps off the stage onto the floor, and sits on bob. Hint: Try to make it look as if its and accident. Dave jumps up in shock and turns around to look at what he sat on. He looks lifts his head, and looks at the crowd with a shocked expression on his face. After looking at the crowd he turns back and looks at Bob. He hurriedly picks up Bob]
Dave: Oh Bob! I'm really really sorry. [gives Bob mouth to mouth resuscitation.] C'mon little buddy, tell me you're okay. [tries again. Bob comes to life.] Whew! Thank goodness you're all right. C'mon let's go.
[Dave runs off stage petting Bob and apologizing to Bob]
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