Super Secret Sisters

by Glenn A. Hascall


The Super Secret Sisters are meeting in a clubhouse. A prospective member is introduced and Clarice is very much opposed to allowing Cindy to become part of the club. A discussion on the rules of the club allow the entire club to come to an understanding of forgiveness.




A crude cardboard backdrop for a clubhouse, a gavel for Sue and a desk and chairs for the girls to sit in. Other props as desired.


SUE: Welcome to the weekly meeting of the Super Secret Sisters. Any new business to come before the council?
CLARICE: I'd like to introduce the idea of getting a new clubhouse. This one is in pretty bad shape.
SUE: You bring that up every time we meet Clarice. We don't have a budget for a new club house. We're just going to have to settle for cardboard. Anyone else?
KIMBERLY: Yes, I'd like to bring up an issue that has been bothering me.
SUE: Yes.
KIMBERLY: Members of the Super Secret Sisters need to remember to bring treats. I'm hungry.
CLARICE: (Pulls out her gum from her mouth) You could have some of my gum.
KIMBERLY: (Looks as if she's just heard the most disgusting thing imaginable) Uh, thanks, but I'm suddenly not hungry.
SUE: Any other new business to talk about?
CHRISTY: I'd like to introduce a prospective Super Secret Sister for membership in our club.
SUE: Wonderful. Tell us about your friend.
CHRISTY: (Points to a girl that's been hidden behind her in the back) This is Cindy and I'd like to see her become a member of the Super Secret Sisters.
CLARICE: (Visibly upset) You can't be serious.
CHRISTY: What do you mean?
CLARICE: She's a horrid little girl. She broke something of mine last year and never even offered to replace it
CHRISTY: She broke something of yours.
CINDY: (Humble) Yes, I guess I did. I didn't mean to. It was an accident. I accidentally stepped on her doll while we were playing in the park.
CLARICE: (Still upset) It broke in a million pieces and you just ran away.
CINDY: I was scared and ...
CLARICE: (Interrupts) My grandma gave that to me.
CINDY: I'm sorry.
CLARICE: A lot of good that does now. (Sits down and won't look at Cindy. Cindy looks sadly at Clarice for a moment and runs from the stage.)
SUE: Well, um, lets move on to the next item of business. This item has to do with the rules of the club. (Looks at Kimberly) can you read the changes we need to vote on.
KIMBERLY: Sure, in paragraph 5, subsection 12 under rules of conduct I'd like to read the changes we are needing to vote on.
SUE: Could you read it for us.
KIMBERLY: (Nervously looks at Clarice). Sure. The order of the Super Secret Sisters agree to the following.
Super Secret Sisters should always be kind to each other and willing to forgive. (Clarice is startled by the words)
Super Secret Sisters must make allowances for each other's faults and forgive the sister that may do something to hurt you in some way.
Super Secret Sisters must ask for forgiveness and they must be forgiven by members of our club.
Super Secret Sisters must take notice when forgiveness is offered and follow this example.
And finally...
Super Secret Sisters must realize there is a time to forgive and offer comfort to fellow members. (Kimberly sits down and all is quiet for a moment).
SUE: Is there any discussion on this issue.
CLARICE: I think we should wait until next meeting to talk about this.
SUE: But Clarice...
CLARICE: (Stands up) I have to go.
KIMBERLY: Please don't be angry.
CLARICE: Angry? (Pause) If I'm going to be a good member of the Super Secret Sisters then I need to find Cindy. I need to do something that should have been done last year.
SUE: Meeting adjourned. (All girls leave stage following Clarice.)
Copyright 2003 by Glenn A. Hascall
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