Come Home Son

By Lucy Hawkins


The story of the Prodigal Son, in a version suitable for puppets, mainly aimed at kids up to 10.



N - There was once an old farner who had two sons. The younger one was fed up with working on the farm.

YS - This is so boring! All I do all day is harvest the crops with the knife - ow!, round up the sheep - yawn! and wash all the mud off of the pigs - yuk!

N- He didn't want to become a farmer so he asked for his share of the family wealth.

YS- Dad, this just isn't working! I'd like my part of the family money so I can go to the city and have a real life!

F - Well, Ok, if that's what you want.

N - The old man was sorry to see his son go, but he gave him his share and waved him goodbye. (father waves) His son dashed off down the road.

YS - Musn't miss my train! I'm off to the bright lights! London here I come! I'm going to be a star!

(father goes)

N- In the big city the son spent lots of money on expensive food...

YS - Delicious!

N - and expensive wine...

YS - cheers!

N - and friends...

(Friend comes up)

YS -Yo!

N- Yes, he made lots of friends -or did he? Then he ran out of money! He asked his friends for a loan..

YS - I say old chap, could you possibly...

Friend - Sorry!

Ys - but I have nowhere to live!

FR- Tough!

YS - and I'm starving hungry!

Fr - Sorry, but I've got another party to go to!

(exit Friend)

N - There were not many jobs around, but at last he got a job on a pig farm.

YS- Yuk!

N- He slept in a cardboard box under a railway bridge.

Ys- Brrr! It's cold out here!

N- Then he had a brilliant idea!

YS - I'll go home! I'll work on Dad's farm! I don't deserve to be his son any more - so I'll be a servant - good food and a warm bed under a dry roof!

N- So he began to walk home

YS- My feet are killing me!

N- But what about his father? (Up comes father) All this time, he had been worrying about his younger son. Then he saw a figure coming walking down the lane. It was his son!

F- Son is that you! Can it be you!

YS - I'm sorry dad! I was wrong and I'm so sorry, I want to apolo...

F - Don't worry about that! Welcome home son!

N- To his son's suprise his father threw a party for him!

F- There's going to be meat pies and coke and a massive disco, and we'll invite everyone who's any one! Do you want chocolate cake or fruit or...

N- His son who he loved had come home safe and sound, and so his father had forgiven him for foolishly running away. BUT... there were two sons, wern't there. Now, the elder brother was just getting home from a hard day's work in the fields and he was tired out! But just then he heard a noise.

ES - What's that, it sounds like a party! And there's my brother in the middle of it all! What a cheek! He goes off and spends all the money stupidly and worries dad half to death and he get's a party when he comes home!

N- He was so angry that he went and sulked.

(ES goes to side of wall - back to stage and sulks)

(Enter father)

F- Son I know you feel like this. But you see, I love you both the same. I had lost your brother and now he has come home to me!

N- But the elder son still sulked. Although I think he snuck down later and had a slice of cake!


© Copyright Lucy Hawkins, all rights reserved. This script may be performed free of charge, provided no charge is made for admission. In return, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. She may be contacted at