Good Shepherd, Smart Sheep

By Heather Cooper


A father sheep tries to warn his lambs about the dangers of a wolf seen to have been prowling in the district.

Scripture Reference

John 10:1-18


Papa Sheep (Baasil) 
Mama Sheep (Baabara) 
Teenage Son (Ram-son) 
Teenage Daughter ( Ewe-dora)


(Stage is a typical living room scene. Characters are wearing normal human clothing but have sheep ears, hoofs (?) and bells around their necks. Papa Sheep is reading the paper, Mama Sheep is knitting and the son and daughter are playing Nintendo.)
Papa Sheep: (putting down paper) I don’t know what the pasture is coming to these days. Seems like you can’t take five steps out there without running into some predator or another.
Mama Sheep: (knitting) Yes, I know, dear. Why, just last week, Ewe-nice was looking for an RRSP to invest in, and she was deceived by a con-man and fleeced!! Oooh, I shudder just thinking about it. Here, Baasil, let me measure this sweater on you.
Papa Sheep: What are you doing, Baabara? I don’t need that thing!
Mama Sheep: But winter’s coming, dear. I want you to be warm enough. This is pure wool - nature’s best insulator!
Papa Sheep: (rolling his eyes) And where do you think it came from? (pointing to his own back)
Mama Sheep: (bleats) Oh-h-h-h! Heh, heh, silly me! (Puts away her knitting.)
Papa Sheep: (points to paper) Says here there’s a wolf been seen in these parts! Very crafty. Uses disguises. Never know he’s there until it’s too late! (slashes finger across his throat) Lamb chops!!
Mama Sheep: Baasil! Really, you’ll frighten the lambs!
(Young sheep get up and run over to Papa Sheep.)
Ewe-dora:   Let's see, Pop. Is there a picture?
Ram-son: Yeah! I ain't afraid of no wolf. (Makes rap moves)  I'm a ram – yes, I am  Nothing's gonna make me scram!
Papa Sheep: These lambs! They think they're invincible! Now,  you two listen to me. There's only one thing that can  protect you from the wolf – and that's the Good Shepherd. You've got to get to know Him and learn  to recognize His voice.
Ewe-dora: Well, all my friends say there are lots of different  shepherds. You can take you pick of who to listen  to.
Papa Sheep: All your friends?? If your friends all jumped off a  cliff, would you follow them?
Ewe-dora: Well, YEAH! I’m a sheep!
Papa Sheep: Oh, right. Anyway, don't be fooled by the  hirelings. They're only interested in the wages they  get. They could care less about our safety.
Ram-son: Is that what happened to Uncle Bert-ram?
Mama Sheep: (tidying up) We don’t talk about Uncle Bert-ram.  He's the black sheep of the family!
Papa Sheep: However, it might be a good lesson to the youngsters, Mama. You see, Bert-ram never got to know the  Good Shepherd. He preferred to go his own way.  Had a few ba-a-a-d habits he didn’t want to give up.  He'd get himself good and lost, then he’d holler “Wolf!” to get the hired men to come and find him.  One day, there really was a wolf, but the hired men  were too fed up with him trying to pull the wool over  their eyes and left him to his fate.
Ewe-dora: Ooooh – so if Uncle Bert-ram had known Him, the  Good Shepherd would have saved him?
Mama Sheep: The Good Shepherd was calling to him all along, trying to warn him, but your uncle didn't recognize His voice.
Ram-son: I'm not sure I could recognize His voice, Dad. How  can I get to know Him better?
Papa Sheep: Spend time with Him each day, Ram-son. The more  time you spend with the Good Shepherd, the easier it  will be to know His voice.
Ram-son: But when? I'm a busy ram.
Mama Sheep: Don’t make me bleat, Ram-son! That's “shear”  foolishness. Spend a little less time frolicking with  the other lambs. Play a little less Nintendo! It will  be well worth your while.
Ewe-dora: But how do we know that the Good Shepherd is better  than the hired ones. Why should we listen to Him and  not to them?
Papa Sheep: Because, Ewe-dora, our flock belongs to Him, he's not just paid to watch over us. He really cares about  us, so much so that He laid down His own life for us!
Ram-son: So, Pop! How much time do you spend with the  Shepherd each day?
Papa Sheep: We-e-l-l, I'd like to have the time to spend longer  with Him, I suppose.
Ram-son: What about all that time you spend trying to make par. Your golf game is still pretty ba-a-d. Could be cause you need opposing thumbs to hold a golf club!!
Papa Sheep: Ooooh, now I feel sheepish!!
Copyright Heather Cooper, all rights reserved.
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