To Be Or Not To Be (Kind, that is)

By Kelly Gross


Two kings (one kind and the other mean) are constrasted, along with the consequences of how they rule.


Luke 6:31, Proverbs 11:17, Ephesians 4:32


King Kindness
Kind Meanness
Guards One and Two
Shepherds One and Two
Slaves One and Two


(Scene: The King's throne room)

NARRATOR: Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom live a ruler name King Kindness. He always showed kindness and fairness to all people no matter what their status in life. He was well liked and had many friends. On one royal morning...

KING KINDNESS: Good morning, fellow guard! How are you this lovely morning?

GUARD ONE: (Bows while speaking) Just fine, your majesty. Thank you for asking, sire.

KING KINDNESS: What is on the agenda this morning?

GUARD ONE: A shepherd has a problem and would like to speak to you.

KING KINDNESS: Please show him in.

(Guard one brings in shepherd. Shepherd falls to his knees begging for his help.);

SHEPHERD ONE: Oh, royal king! My sheep (catching his breath), my sheep...

KING KINDNESS: Take your time my good fellow, take your time.

SHEPHERD ONE: (speaking excitedly) My sheep are running out of grazing area. If they run out of grazing area,
 they'll starve. If they starve, they'll die. If they die, I am out of a job. If I'm out of a job, I'll...

KING KINDNESS: Calm down. Calm down. Everything will be fine. Just take what you need of my land. I have more than I need.

SHEPHERD ONE: Thank you, dear king! How can I repay you?

KING KINDNESS: By taking care of our kingdom's sheep. That is all.

SHEPHERD ONE: (Bowing as he speaks) I will! I will! Thank you your majesty! You are so kind! (Leaves stage)

GUARD ONE: (Guard brings in slave) Your majesty, this slave was caught running from her master. What shall I do!

KING KINDNESS: Bring in her master, please.(Guard brings in master) Tell me, why has your slave tried to run away?

MASTER: (Master has an attitude. He does not bow or show any respect.) Well, O royal one, she was asking for
 more grain to feed her SLAVE family. I of course said no! Why does a slave family deserve more grain? It would only take away from the rich!

KING KINDNESS: Slave, is this true?

MASTER: (Master is very upset she is allowed to speak.) You’re going to let a slave speak? They don't have the right!

KING KINDNESS: They do in my kingdom! (King looks kindly at slave.) Now, please tell me, is this true?

SLAVE ONE: (bows) Yes, O king, my family was hungry. We have worked the fields but never receive enough grain for
 one day's meal. I was running away to try to save my family from starvation!

(King stands up, shakes head and points directly at master in disapproval.)

KING KINDNESS: I am very disappointed! Your slaves are there to serve you. Yet you do not show them any kindness by sharing grain. Not even for one day's meal! I grant your slaves freedom from you and as much grain as they need to feed their families.

MASTER: (Goes on his knees begging for mercy.) But, but, but king that would be over half my property! Please

KING KINDNESS: That is final. Maybe next time you will show more kindness in your decisions.

(Guard walks them out with Master still pleading)

NARRATOR: As the years passed, the king continued to show much kindness in all his decisions. The people loved him and his
 kingdom prospered. Then one very, very sad day King Kindness died at a very ripe, old, age. Unfortunately, King Kindness only had one heir, his nephew King Meanness. He took over the kingdom and treated the people poorly without any kindness. He had few friends, if any, and many enemies. And on one royal morning...

KING MEANNESS: (Yelling for his guard.) Guard! Guard! Where is that good for nothing guard? Guard!

GUARD TWO: (runs in out of breath and bowing) Yes, sire! (breathing heavily)

KING MEANNESS: What problems await me today?

GUARD TWO: Well, sire, I am glad you asked because...(king rudely interrupts)

KING MEANNESS: Just tell me already!

GUARD TWO: A shepherd is here to speak to you about a problem he is... (King rudely interrupts again.)

KING MEANNESS: Oh, just show him in and lets get this over with!

SHEPHERD TWO: (Bows and begs for help) Oh, your majesty, your majesty! I am in great need
 of your help!

KING MEANNESS: (Sarcastically) Who isn't?

SHEPHERD TWO: My sheep will soon run out of grazing area and they will surely die of starvation without
 more land.

KING MEANNESS: And what do you expect me to do? Give you land? (Laughs) A lowly shepherd, land! (Laughs again.)
 How ridiculous! It's you’re problem, now go...

SHEPHERD: But king, please, I need your help or...

KING MEANNESS: Go, you tire me! Guard! Take him away! How absurd, me, give land away. A mighty king, never!

GUARD TWO: (Brings in slave.)Your majesty, this slave was caught running away from her master. What shall I do?

KING MEANNESS: Must I know everything. Just throw her in prison, of course!

SLAVE TWO: (Bows) Oh king, I was only running away to find food for my family! Please not prison, sire, my family will never survive. They need your help!

KING MEANNESS: (Stands in anger) Did I say speak? Did I just hear a slave speak to me? The king of all the land. A slave speaking to royalty! Have you lost your mind? You’re not worthy to kiss the ground I walk on. Guard, take her away, immediately!

GUARD TWO: But, sire, don't you want to hear the whole story?

KING MEANNESS: Have I not made myself clear! She is a slave! Now take her away! (Starts talking to himself) Why do I put up with that guard?(Mocks guard's words) Don't you want to hear the whole story? If I wanted to hear the whole story I would have asked to hear the whole story. What I put up with around here.

NARRATOR: King Meanness continued to treat people in this way. He became meaner and meaner. It caused the people to lose hope in their kingdom, and they started to move away, leaving only the old and weak who were unable to move. His kingdom grgrew smaller and his enemies grew larger. Then on yet another royal morning...

GUARD TWO: (Runs in out of breath) Oh, king, bad news, bad, bad, news! It's just terrible and horrible! Just wait until you hear this ...

KING MEANNESS: Just tell me already!

GUARD TWO: There is an army marching in from the North to take over your kingdom! What should we do?

KING MEANNESS: (Calmly) Just gather up my army.

GUARD TWO: But king, I am your army!

KING MEANNESS: (Starting to realize there is trouble.) What? Then gather up my people to form an army.

GUARD TWO: What people, sire? The only people in your kingdom are the old and the weak. The rest have moved away!

KING MEANNESS: (Very upset) Oh, what do I do? I'll lose my castle! I'll lose my lands! I'll lose my kingdom! I'll lose everything!

GUARD TWO: And you just lost me! (Guard runs out)

(Two enemy soldiers enter and take the King prisoner.)

SOLDIERS: We are taking over this kingdom - you are our prisoner! (They drag him out.)

KING MEANNESS: Where's my army? Where's my people? Please let me go! Let me go! No! No!

NARRATOR: As God's Word says...(Narrator reads Luke 6:31, Proverbs 11:17, and Ephesians 4:32)

Copyright 2003, Kelly Gross. All rights reserved.
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