Coming to the Feast of the King

By Marjorie Kennedy


People invited to a feast of the King find they cannot enter until they leave their baggage at the cross-shaped doorway.

Scripture Reference

John 14 : 6



An outline of a cross, made big enough for someone to walk through with arms outstretched.


Narrator: A king once planned to hold a feast to which he invited all the people in his kingdom. When all the preparations were made the king sent his special messengers out to every corner of his kingdom inviting his people to come to the feast.

(Here two or three angel messengers dance briefly in adoration before the King's throne. They should be dressed in white. Then they move out searching for the people and beckoning them to come with them and pointing toward the palace of the king.)

Narrator: When the people heard about the feast many of them decided at once to follow the messengers. They quickly got ready and started out.

(While the narrator is speaking the messengers return to the palace and some people follow. Each person is carrying a very heavy case. Each case has an easy to read label on it. The labels are PRIDE, SELFISH AMBITION, GREED, ENVY, HATRED, LUST, IMMORALITY, IDOLATRY, etc. The people come forward one at a time and each mimes his/her struggle to reach the King's palace lumbered with a heavy case.)

Narrator: When the people finally reached the palace, tired and weary, they find there is a big problem. There is no door in the palace wall so they don`t know how to get in. Outside the palace they walk up and down searching and calling out.

(As the narrator speaks the people mime the actions and words.)

Narrator: Inside the palace the King hears the people crying out and he calls his messengers.

(The angel messengers again dance briefly before the throne and then, still dancing, they come to the people waiting outside.)

Narrator: The King is a good King and he provides a door so that the people do not have to stay outside. Everyone is welcome to come through the door

(Two of the messengers carry out a door shaped as a cross and a third messenger beckons the people through the door.)

Narrator: As each person, carrying a case, tries to pass through the door, they are unable to do so because their luggage is too big. After several people have attempted unsuccessfully to get through the door, they stop to rethink the situation. Suddenly one of them has an idea and goes to the foot of the cross and places the labelled case there. He (or she) then finds that by spreading arms and raising them to shoulder height it is possible to walk through the cross shaped door. The others see how it was done and they follow suit, all except PRIDE, who goes up to the door but then decides that he/she can not give up that luggage named PRIDE. He (or she) clutches his (or her) case firmly and walks slowly away.

(As the narrator reads the people act out the story)

Narrator: And so we see that those who were able to leave everything behind them were able to go through the door into the presence of the king. They had to come by way of the cross. It was the only way. Once through the door they were received with joy and love and they stayed with the king forever.

(Inside the palace a celebration dance takes place with the messengers dancing freely and the others joining in as they are able.)


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