Got Any Time for Evangelism?

By Ron VandenBurg


You can be so busy "doing evangelism" that you don't evangelise. This script asks, what is evangelism?


Two church-goers


P1: (with a clipboard) Hey, glad I caught you! After church can be such a busy time.
P2: Sure. I know what you …
P1: (interrupting) Say, I’m wondering if you could help the church out. I’m on the evangelism committee, and we are looking for people to do some work this coming Friday. We are arranging a youth movie night for the neighbourhood kids. You know, we’ll invite them to the church to show some of the latest videos, popcorn, candy, the whole bit, wondering if you would be willing to help with food serving and security. What do you say?
P2: (after a pause) I’d really like to help, but this Friday is my Big Brother night. I’ve been working with a really great kid name John. Actually, he’s planned for us to go play some volleyball at the rec center. So sorry, I can’t help you.
P1: (nodding. Writing notes) O.K., well how about helping to organize a new idea that we have. It’s called our Monthly Single Mom Sing-Along. We invite ladies from our neighbourhood to come to the church, and as an activity that they can share, we gather around the piano to sing. Oh, not just hymns and such, but show tunes and the latest top 40. Have to be current, you know. Who knows? We may have a group to sing at church in the near future.
P2: (after a pause) Sounds interesting, but I’ve already committed to once a month, a bunch of us do free oil changes for community folks, Bethlehem Place and such. It keeps me really busy that day.
P1: (Searching the clipboard, somewhat irritated) How about, ah, here it is. On October 10th, we’ve got an evangelism team coming from Southern North Carolina. They do a drama production called, “Repent or Forever Burn in the Fires of Hell”. It’s a very effective ministry for neighbourhood outreach. We need ushers to hand out flyers after the performance to visitors, encouraging them to join some our church programs.
P2: Sorry. October 10th, I’m doing prison ministry up in Kingston.
P1: (Angrily) O.K. Fine. Here’s something far in advance. In January, we are have a four week church retreat every weekend to study Evangelism and to brainstorm some of the ways that we can get people to come to our church. We need kitchen servers to make snacks and sandwiches. Can you do that?
P2: (Apologetically) I am really sorry, but I am involved in the Out of the Cold program and I am kitchen captain for some of the weekends in January. Sorry, I can’t help. (Exits stage right)
P1: (Directed to the congregation) Boy, some people just don’t understand evangelism. (Exits stage left looking over clipboard)
Copyright Ron VandenBurg, all rights reserved.
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