The Sin Chair

 By Teresa Jensen


The primary message to this mime is that temptation can get you stuck in (or in this case ON) sin. They only way to get "unstuck" is through the Word and living the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is a mime with great flexibility in the cast size.


This script uses eight. Feel free to add or delete characters.


Place a chair Center Stage with a large sign taped to it that said "Do NOT Sit on Chair"
Character One walks by the chair, does a double take and comes back. #1 keeps circling the chair...the longer he/she looks at the chair, inspecting it, the more tempting it becomes. Finally temptation wins out and #1 sits on feels wonderful!  #1 gets a big smile on his/her face. He/she then tries to get up but is stuck and cannot rise. #1 struggles to get out of the chair and begins "calling out" to people on the street.
Character #2 walks by and doesn't want to be bothered. Finally, #1's "plaintive" cries have an effect on #2 and he/she walks back. #2 is nervous about helping #1 out of the chair. #1 tries to convince #2 for help. #2 circles the chair and inspects it much the same way that #1 did. Finally #2 tries to help #1 and he/she too gets stuck. Now both are crying for help.
(Depending on how many actors you have you can have people walking by in a variety of personal situations, walks of life, attitudes, etc. Here are the extra characters I used:)
* Kid listening to music on a portable CD player and ear-phones. He notices #1 and #2. They call out to him, but he's jamming to his music, thinks they are jamming with him....nods his approval and walks on.
* A girl walks by and stops. She wants to help, but is too scared and she walks on.
* A guy walks by...stops listens...begins to ask "what's in it for me?"  Gestures a "payola" by rubbing his thumb across his other four fingers. #1 and #2 look at each other and agree. This character, #3, tries to pull #1 and #2 up and now he becomes stuck too!
* Another character is in a big rush. Stops and listens to the pleas of the 3, points to his/her watch...He/she would love to help but is in a rush to get somewhere else. This character offers to send someone else. As he/she leaves he/she stops a new character and tells him/her about the trio stuck on the chair.
* This new character rushes over to help and stops dead in his/her tracks and is disgusted by what he/she sees. He/she stops to lecture, and brow-beat, telling them to get up out of the chair.  When they are unable to, he/she throws hands up in disgust and walks off.
* The last character, #4, can be a guy or girl carrying a Bible. The three stuck on the chair frantically call out to him/her. He/she stops, and listens, kneels in front of them, opens the Bible and begins to read. The 3 object...they just want him/her to pull them off the chair.  #4 continues to read from the Bible. #4 closes the Bible, places a hand on one of the three and begins to pray.  The whole time the 3 should be struggling and objecting...and gradually we should see them begin to struggle less, listen and then join in the prayer.
* After the prayer...#4 should rise and gesture for #1, #2, #3 to first they are a bit hesitant until they realize they are free. They get up from the chair and rejoice!  They walk off stage "best" friends.
* #4 runs back to the chair (make sure the sign is taped to the chair or it will fall during the struggle and when the 3 rise,  will ruin the effect.) He/she takes the sign that says "Do Not Sit on Chair" off of the chair and turns it around, places it back on the chair. This side of the sign says "SIN". #4 shakes her head at the sign and walks off.
Copyright Teresa Jensen.
This script may be used without royalty payment, provided no charge is made for entrance to the performance. In return, the author would like to be told of any performance. She may be contacted at: