The Way

By Krista Esperat


This mime (or dance) is about a “seeker” looking in all sorts of places for the way to true happiness. It is based on a techno song by “Ah-ha” called "Take on Me".


I am the way the truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)


We used 11 people, but it can be varied if you make it work with the music.
Fame & the groupie
Sports Star
Love (2 people)
Happy Christian


(Setup: Everyone but Jesus and Seeker is lined up with their back to the audience in the order previously mentioned. Fun to the far left, Jesus to the far right facing sideways towards the opposite end of the stage. Seeker is in the front center raising her hands in a way as if thinking “What is the way to find true happiness? I don’t know?”)
As the music begins seeker walks around shrugging, looking all about her. A voice reads over “Everyone is searching for the way. The way to find TRUE happiness. But there is only ONE way.”
At the first beat of drums (24 secs in) Fun whips around to center stage and starts dancing, miming the blow of bubbles and fun. Seeker looks very interested and shakes her head in approval, smiles a little, enjoying his presence. Then the song whispers “Take on Me” and a new beat comes and Fun goes back to his spot and Fame walks out. He snaps his finger and Groupie comes out frantically shining his shoes and fixing his hair and clothes. Seeker again agrees in approval and has Fame sign an autograph for her, which she holds to her heart. At second 48 a symbol is hit and Fame and Groupie go back to their spot and Intelligence comes out. Glasses are good, and he is holding a book (not literally) and pointing to interesting things. Seeker is engaged and looks at the book as if shes thinking “really? wow…look at that…interesting….” Nodding in agreement, she is also pleased with him. At the stroke of the 1 min. mark a new beat comes in (the song has obvious clues as to when the characters are supposed to switch) And beauty grandly walks out to center stage. She is a supermodel, a princess, she has her head high and she looks at seeker and shows her how GREAT it is to be her. She flips her hair, and admires the crowd. Seekers watches Beauty do a pose (anything you want) and then mimics, trying to get the hang of it. When the sound changes again at 1 min 12 (1.12) Seeker pushes her hands towards Beauty as if to say “well…no thanks..” and Beauty pushes her’s towards Seeker and flippantly walks back to her spot. The music is lower now and quicker- We skip Intelligence and Fame bounds back out to the center spot. Both Seeker and Fame snap their fingers high in the air like before, and Groupie comes and shines both of their shoes and gives Seeker the fame treatment. Seeker does the same hand gesture to Fame and he repeats Beauty’s push back. As he returns, on beat 1.15 at the symbol crash, Fun pounces out and dances with Seeker- she does a few jumps but, of course, shrugs and is thinking “well…sorry---no thanks” Repeat the push and Fun goes back to his spot. NOTE: Seeker and the characters are not actually TOUCHING eachother with the push- they’re just near eachother.
Then at 1.37 “Take on me” sings melodiously and that’s when Christian whips around and sees Jesus (who raises his arms now to form a cross) right next to her. She is overwhelmed with joy- she is worshiping and praising him- bowing to his feet and coming up again lifting her hands. She sees Seeker look curiously at her and she motions for her to come. She gestures towards Jesus with both hands, always smiling, as if saying “Him! Him! HE’S what you need!” And Seeker looks really unsure…just as Seeker gets really close the song breaks out -back into fast techno. Christian shrugs in sadness and turns back to her spot. Now, Sports Star comes out. (We went to Brazil and did this so she was a soccer player, but you can make the sports star anyone you want) Sports Star comes out and holds her imaginary ball. She throws it up in the air and bounces it off her head. She does tricks with it, she’s kicking it, and pretty much showing how good she is. Seeker is REALLY impressed thinking “wow youre REALLY good!” on 2.13 a symbol crashes and Sports goes back as the boy and girl representing Love turn around. They reenact the relationship of most people. First they meet and he takes her number. Then they hug and are very happy together. He then gets on one knee and offers her a ring which she excitedly put on. As she is examining it they turn around in their own spots (portraying the turn of relationships from all happiness to fights)- this is on beat 2.25 when it’s whispered “take on me” again- and they both start arguing with eachother. They throw their hands in anger and act out a fighting scene. (no physical fighting.) Seeker meanwhile was watching in complete happiness at the two love birds, then frightened and surprised that the sudden change in events. Then on 2.36 the Christian’s music comes back on. Once again she is worshipping Jesus (who again raises his arms.) She immediately turns to Seeker, who is looking sad and hopeless. Christian nods her head as if saying “come on…this is right.” She has a face of sympathy and is very caring. Seeker meanders over to them and immediately breaks down, sobbing. She falls to her knees and worships and prays to God, as Christian helps her receive Christ. Christian can be kneeling next to her, with her right hand on Seekers back and her left raised up to Christ. On minute 3.00 both look up at eachother, smiling and hugging eachother. They get up and spin around, raising hands to Jesus and dancing in joy. on 3.24 Seeker stops and looks at Christian as if saying “wait!” and she runs to Fun and pulls him with her- pointing to Jesus. Fun looks at her with a face of disgust and returns to his spot. The same things happen with everyone else. Once in a while a character can actually look interested—hesitating a few minutes before rejecting. When Seeker gets to the Lovers they yell at her and she recedes back. (At 3.50 she should have tried everyone so it needs to be a little bit quick.) She then looks at the Christian and smile and they again embrace and worship Christ together. After a few moments they stop –Seeker with her back to the audience and Christian facing the audience on either side of Jesus. Everyone’s head is bowed and the music fades out while John 14:6 is read- thus concluding The Way.
Choreography by Krista Esperat.
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