I Want It Now!

By Erina Caradus


Indulgent parents, Jamie & Debbie have always spoiled their daughter, Zoe. But when Zoe asks for a horse, Jamie begins to wonder: is it right to give their daughter everything she wants? Debbie, his equally indulged wife supports her daughter’s claim.
(The drama includes an excerpt from “Hook” (which really added to the performance) but this could be omitted)


Debbie: a fluffy, doting mother who enjoys the good life
Jamie:   a doting father who pampers his wife and child but is beginning  to ask questions.
Zoe:   a spoiled 10 year old who is used to getting her own way in everything


Lights up on Zoe, in front of a TV set and Debbie standing at the table)

Debbie: (calling back stage) Jug’s boiled, Jamie!

(Enter Jamie, carrying pile of letters and junk mail. Goes first to talk to Zoe)

Jamie:  Hi, Zoe. What’re you watching?

Zoe:  Quiet, Daddy! It’s Hook!

Jamie:  Sorry, honey bun…(pats her on the head and sits down at the table. Debbie takes the mail off him)

Debbie: (leafing through the day’s mail)  Ugh! Bill…Bank statement….Bill….you can have those! (Tosses them to Jamie who starts to open them. Debbie opens a large envelope) It’s Zoe’s portrait! (Holds up an A4 photo of Zoe)  Look, Jamie, look!  Isn’t it fantastic!
Jamie:  Sensational!

Debbie: Don’t you think she’s just the prettiest 10 year old?!

Jamie:  She’s absolutely gorgeous…just like her mother. Give her a few years and all the boys will come flocking.

Debbie: (absentmindedly flicking through the junk mail) Oh, I’m glad to have such a beautiful looking daughter, not like those Hildred girls, so plain and sensible. (Noticing something in pamphlet) Oh look, Jamie. I don’t believe it! Look at this! Black leather! How stylish. Oh, Jamie, I’ve always wanted a black leather lounge suite – ever since Barbara and Paul got one last month.

Jamie:  (looking at pamphlet) It’s rather pricey, Debbie – nearly $8,000

Debbie: Oh, Jamie, it’s not….it’s only $7,899. It’s not much really for something of that quality.

Jamie:  (looking at Bank statement) I don’t know, Debbie love, after the dining room curtains, the exercycle and the breadmaker last month, we have got rather a lot on HP.

Debbie: But, darling, look…it’s interest free…we can do it, can’t we? Oh, do say yes…

Jamie:  Well, I guess our stuff is 5 years old. It is looking rather faded. Yes, we’ll manage…I do like you to have the best, Debbie.

Debbie: I’ll pop in tomorrow and order one and…oh, Jamie….I know just what to put with it. I’ve seen the most stunning carpet square…all black and white swirley things…Oh, I do love getting new things!

Jamie:  Good grief! $4,539! Our visa’s high this month!  (Keeps looking at statement)

Debbie: (pulling out several items of clothing out of a bag) Jamie, I’ve got to show you the gorgeous things I got for Zoe today. Look…There’s this and this and this and this…
Jamie:  Does she really need all these new clothes?

Debbie: (pouting) Jamie! You wouldn’t like her to look like the dowdy Hildreds girls, would you?

Jamie:  (reluctantly) Well…she certainly will look stunning…

Zoe:  (coming across to look) Mummy, is this for me?

Debbie: Yes, darling. Do you like it?

Zoe: It’s Okay…Courtney’s got a (latest craze) Tee Shirt. I really really want a (latest craze) tee shirt, Mummy.

Debbie: I didn’t know that, honey. I’ll get you one tomorrow.

Zoe:  (notices the box of chocolates on the table) Ooh…chocolates (Starts to open it)

Debbie: Wait, Zoe! That’s for Grandma’s birthday! No, dear…please don’t open it!

Zoe:  But, I want one.

Debbie: I’ll buy you some when I go to Countdown.

Zoe:  But, I want one now. Grandma won’t mind me having 2 or 3. (Stuffs them into her mouth) (With mouth full) She always lets me have everything I want. (Zoe goes back to the TV)

Debbie: Oh, dear…well, I guess your Mum won’t mind. It was just a wee bit naughty of Zoe, but I don’t like saying no to her.  (Glancing over at Zoë)  Oh, look, Jamie, look at her! Doesn’t she look so adorable sitting there with her teddy?

Jamie:  Both my girls are gorgeous…

Zoe:  (leaving the TV and prancing before Jamie)  Daddy, I’ve just decided I want a pony!

Jamie:  A pony?! What for, my little flower? What would you do with a pony?

Zoe:   (stamping her foot) I want a pony! And I want it now!

Debbie: Oh, Jamie, that would be lovely. Do let’s get her a pony. Wouldn’t she just look so cute on a little pony!

Jamie:  Zoe, pet, do you realise how much ponies cost? Daddy’s not made of money, honey bun.

Zoe:  Daddy, you’re so mean! You never give me anything I want. If you don’t give me a pony, I won’t like you ever again! (Greasing up to him) Please, Daddy (tugging on his arm) (Gives him an appealing smile)

Jamie:  That smile!….get’s me every time! Run along, Zoe. I’ll think about it!

Zoe:  Thank you, thank you, Daddy. I knew you’d say, yes…you’re the best Daddy in the whole world. (Helps herself to another chocolate and goes back to the TV)

Jamie:  I don’t know….What do you think, Deb? Does she really need a pony?

Debbie: Well, if we don’t get her one, there’ll be another tantrum. I just can’t bear to see her cry!

Jamie:  I know we’ve always tried to give her what she wants….but, you know, lately I’ve been wondering… perhaps she’s becoming a wee bit spoiled?

Debbie: Jamie! Your own lovely daughter! How could you say such things?!

Jamie:  (seriously) Debbie, do you think it’s good for her to get everything she wants?

Debbie: She’s still just a baby, Jamie. If she wants a pony, I think we should give her one.

Jamie:  But, don’t you think maybe we should wait until she’s a bit older.

Debbie: But, why should she have to wait? She’s never had to wait.  Jamie, she wants it now!

(Zoe stands & pushes the remote control. Lights down and excerpt from Hook on big screen
I want a cookie, I want a potty, me ,me ,me,me,my,my,my,my…)

Lights up

Zoë:  (yelling and stamping foot) I want it and I want it now!

Lights down

© Erina Caradus (Dunedin City Baptist) August 2000
All rights reserved
This play may be performed free of charge, on the condition that copies are not sold in any medium, nor any entrance fee charged. In exchange for free performance, the author would appreciate being notified of when and for what purpose the play is performed. Our drama group can be contacted at the following address: Caradii@xtra.co.nz