Practice Makes Perfect

by Joanne Miller


A young man tries to ask his friendís sister to marry him.  She doesnít even realize that he likes her but thinks he is just her brotherís friend.  He never is able to get up enough nerve to give her the ring he has for her.




(Scene opens with Seth, all dressed up, practicing how he is going to propose to Jill.)

Jill:  (Calls from other room) Iíll be there in a minute, Seth.

Seth:  (To Jill) OK.  Take your time.  (To himself) Sheíll walk in the room and Iíll turn slowly towards her with a welcoming smile on my face.  Iíll say, ďJill, you look so lovely tonight.  I love the way the lights play on your silky hair.  And is that dress new?  No?  Well, it looks beautiful on you, or maybe itís just because you are so lovely that the dress looks wonderful.  What would you like to do tonight, Sweetheart?  Go out to dinner?  How about if we go to Chez Pierreís.  Oh, I know how expensive it is but this is a very special night.  Whatís so special about it?  Why the fact that Iím with you, Darling.  You like my suit?  Yes, itís new.  I bought it for our date tonight.  Iíve been looking forward to this all week.  Jill, before we go out, come and sit down here on the couch for a minute (he pretends to sit next to her).  I have something I need to ask you.  (He pretends to be taking her hand in his.)  Jill, I know I havenít been brave enough to tell you this until now, but the fact is that I have been in love with you for a long time.  I know that you only think of me as your brotherís friend, but the truth is that while I like your brother, Iíve really been coming over here so often just to be near you.  From the first day that I met you I knew there would never be another girl for me.  I just didnít have the courage to tell you, but tonight is different.  Tonight I have decided to tell you exactly how I feel about you.   (Pulls ring box out of pocket) Jill, I want to spend the rest of my life with you and you alone.  Will you marry me?  You will???  Oh, Jill Iím the happiest man on earth.

( Jill enters with a towel over her head.  Her hair is wet and she is vigorously drying it.  She is wearing an old sweatsuit and funny slippers.)

Jill: Were you saying something, Seth?

Seth: (Has back to Jill.  Quickly hides ring box).  Uh, I was just saying Fastest Man on First.  Itís a new movie that just came out. (He turns slowly towards Jill.)  Jill, you look so lovely tonight.  Your hairÖ

Jill: Yeah well, I just washed it and canít do a thing with it.  (She takes towel off her head and has cold cream all over her face.) I havenít heard about that new movie.  Is that what you and Kevin are doing tonight?  Going to a movie?

Seth: Oh my!  (He sees the cold cream)

Jill: What?

Seth: You have something all over your face.

Jill: Sorry, I forgot.  Itís just cold cream.  Itíll come right off. (She starts to remove cold cream with towel.)  So are you and Kevin going to that movie?

Seth:  What movie?

Jill: The one you were just telling me about.  What was it?  Fastest Man on First?

Seth: Oh, no.  Actually Kevin and I arenít going out tonight.

Jill: (Finally stops fussing with hair and realizes how Seth is dressed.) Wow!  No, I donít think youíd get all dressed up like that for Kevin.  So, whoís the lucky lady? (Plugs in hair dryer and starts it.)

Seth: Well, I was hoping maybe you would go out with me tonight.

Jill: What? (Canít hear over hair dryer)

Seth: I said, how about if you and I go out together?

Jill: (Turns dryer off.) I see; some girl stood you up so you were thinking maybe Iíd play second fiddle.  Sure, why not.  Just because you and my brother are friends that doesnít mean we canít be friends too.

Seth: So, how about going to Chez Pierreís?

Jill: Yeah, right.  Iím really dressed for it.  Letís go to Joeís.  He cleaned the place up last week.  Now you can almost see the floor.  Iíll just get my jacket.

Seth: Jill, before we goÖ  (She continues offstage as if she hasnít heard him.)

Jill: Iíll be right back.

Seth: (He gets down on one knee and begins to practice his proposal.)  Jill, thereís something I have to tell you, or rather thereís something I have to ask you before we go out.  (Pretends Jill has asked him a question.)  What is it?  Well, it has to do with this little box.  Why donít you open it and see if you can guess what Iím trying to ask you.  Yes, Darling, thatís right.  I want you to be my bride.  Please, Jill, will you marry me?

(Jill enters with jacket and sees Seth down on his knee.)

Jill: Whatís the matter Seth?  Did you lose something?

Seth: Uh, yeah, my contact.  Be careful where you step.  (Hides ring box again.)

Jill Let me help you find it.

Seth: No, here it is.  It was in my eye all the time.  I guess it just got knocked sideways.

Jill: Good.  Letís go.

Seth: Jill, before we go thereís something I have to ask you.  Would you sit down for a minute?

 (Jill sits on a stool.)

Jill: Yes, Seth?

Seth: (Seth goes down on one knee and Jill towers over him because she is on the stool.)  Jill, you know that your brother and I are good friends.

Jill: Yes, I know that.

Seth: But thereís something you donít know.

Jill: There are a lot of things I donít know, Seth.  Are you talking about anything in particular?

Seth: Yes, Jill.  There is something I really want to ask you.  (Takes her hand.)

Jill: What is it?

Seth:  I feel silly going to Joeís dressed like this.  Do you think I could borrow one of your brotherís sweatshirts?


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