Wedding Plans

by Joanne Miller


A bride comes to Pastorís office for counsel for ďirreconcilableĒ differences between her and her fiancee.


Pastor Jim
Sandy Ė soon to be bride


(Scene:  Pastorís office.)

Sandy:  Hi, Pastor Jim.  Have you got a minute?

Jim:  Of course, Sandy.  Come on in. Would you like a cup of coffee?

Sandy: Not for me, thanks.

Jim: So how are the plans coming along for the wedding?  You only have about a month left, right?

Sandy: To tell you the truth, thatís why Iím here right now.

Jim: Oh?

Sandy: Yes.  I think I may be making a big mistake.

Jim: Are you having cold feet, Sandy?  If so, thatís normal.  Everyone gets a little scared when theyíre getting close to taking the big plunge.

Sandy: I donít know if Iím just having cold feet, or I really should be concerned.

Jim: Why donít you tell me what it is thatís bothering you.

Sandy: Well, we donít seem to be able to agree on anything right now.  If I say I want a flowered couch, Jack says he wants plaid.  If he says he wants green bath towels, I say I want yellow.

Jim: Those are some pretty minor issues.

Sandy: I know, but how do we resolve them?

Jim: Why donít you keep looking until you find a couch you can both agree on.  Maybe if you pick out the fabric, Jack could pick out the style.  If you point out to him that he may want to lie down on it to try it out for football, he may be willing to compromise.  Thatís how my wife got the new couch she wanted.

Sandy: O.K.  Iíll ask him, but what about the towels?

Jim: Well, I donít usually arbitrate such important matters, but it seems to me that yellow and green would go very well together.

Sandy: Youíre right!  Why didnít I think of that?

Jim: You canít blame yourself; you didnít go to seminary to learn all this wisdom. (Both chuckle.)  Do you think you both may be a bit nervous and taking it out on each other?

Sandy: Thatís what I thought at first, but you havenít heard the worst part yet.

Jim: I havenít?

Sandy: Last night we ended up in such a big fight that now weíre not even speaking to each other.

Jim: What happened?

Sandy: We went to the mall to pick out gifts for our attendants.  He was buying for the guys, and I was buying for the girls.

Jim: Thatís pretty standard.

Sandy: He picked out some coffee mugs for the guys.

Jim: That sounds pretty standard, too.

Sandy: Well, thatís just the point.

Jim: Whatís the point?

Sandy: I donít want ďpretty standardĒ.  I want everything about our day to be special.  I wanted to get each of the girls a 22-carat gold necklace.  The necklaces cost $200 apiece.  The coffee mugs are $10 each.

Jim: Thatís quite a difference in price.

Sandy:  I told Jack that he couldnít give a $10 gift when I was going to give a $200 gift!

Jim: Isnít that up to Jack to decide what he buys for his friends?

Sandy: (Sandy gets up and storms around the office.) Thatís exactly what he said, but donít you see how that will look?  Two of the couples in our wedding are married to each other.  One will go home with a beautiful necklace and the other with a crummy coffee mug.  Donít you think the guys will be offended?

Jim: Maybe.

Sandy: Well, I donít want anyone to be offended on our wedding day.

Jim: You do have a point there, Sandy.

Sandy: Oh thank you, Pastor Jim.  So will you talk to Jack, make him see reason?

Jim:  Maybe I wonít have to do that.

Sandy: What do you mean?

Jim: I mean, you and Jack are going to be starting out as man and wife in just a few weeksí time.  Youíve been through marriage counseling here at the church.  What do you think your counselor would recommend for this crisis?

Sandy: (Sarcastic) I know what sheíd say.

Jim: Thatís why you came to me, isnít it?

Sandy: But, Pastor Jim, this is the biggest day of my life.  I want it to be perfect.

Jim: Sandy, if you let Jack have his way, what do you think will happen?

Sandy: Iíll probably end up with coffee mugs for the girls and the guys.

Jim: Do you think that would ruin your wedding day?

Sandy: No, I guess not, itís just not what I wanted.

Jim: Why donít you call Jack right now and see what you can work out? (Hands Sandy the phone.)

Sandy: (Sandy dials.) Hi, Jack.  Listen, honey, I just want to apologize.  I love you and I donít want to fight with you.  We can get the coffee mugs and Iíll just find something less expensive for the girls.  You what?  You did?  You didnít have to do that.  Thank you, sweetheart.  Iíll be over in five minutes.  I love you.  Bye.

Jim: Everything o.k.?

Sandy: More than o.k.  He went and bought the necklaces for the girls and engraved watches for the guys!

Jim: I know.

Sandy: How did you know?

Jim: Jack was here this morning.


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