A Time To Die

By Joanne Miller


Two sisters in the back yard of family home reminisce about their childhood and talk about the future.  One of them is terminally ill and very afraid of dying.


Sandy Ė the well sister
Judy Ė the dying sister


(The setting is outside on a park bench or lawn chairs)

Sandy:  Are you O.K., Judy?

Judy:  Remember what used to be in that tree, Sandy?

Sandy:  The tree fort, sure I remember.

Judy:  Remember the day we painted it inside?

Sandy: How could I forget?  John and Jeannie really pulled a fast one on us that day, didnít they?

Judy: Even though Jeannie was older, I still think it was our ďdarlingĒ brother Johnís idea.

Sandy: Knowing him, youíre probably right.

Judy: I can still remember him saying, ďJudy, if you and Sandy paint the inside of the tree fort, Jeannie and I will let you play in it.Ē

Sandy: How did you know where to get the paint?

Judy: Oh, John told me there was a can in the cellar.  He had it all planned out!
Sandy: And we fell for it, hook, line and sinker.  We were too young to suspect a thing.  Boy, was Mom ever mad when she found out what weíd done.

Judy: Yeah, the paint was supposed to be for our bedroom.  Remember how long it took until our room finally did get painted?  I think it was years!

Sandy: Our folks didnít have much money back then.  It probably took them quite a while to save the money for that can of paint.

Judy: Then the worst part was that John & Jeannie still didnít let us come up in the tree fort.

Sandy: (Laughs) And what could we do?

Judy: Nothing.

Sandy: Yeah, we certainly couldnít complain to Mom & Dad.

Judy: No way!  I never mentioned that tree fort to them again.

Sandy: We were pretty naïve back then, werenít we?
Judy: Yes, we were.  It was a wonderful time wasnít it?

Sandy: It sure was.  Itís funny as a kid you canít wait to grow up, then as an adult you think back to how great it was being a kid.

Judy: Thatís true.

Sandy: Arenít you getting cold?  How about going back inside?

Judy: Itís hard to hear yourself think in there.

Sandy: (Gently) They all came because they love you, Judy.

Judy: I know.  I love them, too.  Family really is a wonderful thing, but Iím just confused right now, Sandy.

Sandy: What can I do, Judy?

Judy: Nothing.  Thereís nothing anyone can do.  Thatís what the doctors have said anyway.

Sandy: Judy, youíve always been the greatest sister a girl could ever ask for.  I want you to know how much you mean to me.

Judy: Thanks, Sandy, I love you, too and Iím glad for all the happy times weíve had together.   It just doesnít seem possible that theyíre almost over.

Sandy: Weíve still got some time left.

Judy: They only give me about two weeks now, Sandy.  An obstruction to the kidney that just canít be corrected.  Itís hard to believe in this day and age that something like this could happen.

Sandy: Judy, I Ö

Judy: I guess I should be glad itís me and not one of my kids.  I mean if it had to happen, better me than them.

Sandy: Judy, what about Dennis and the girls; what can I do for them?

Judy: Well, Iím sure Dennis will need some help with the girls.  Itís going to be very hard for himÖ and for them.  You know how men can be.

Sandy: Do I ever.

Judy: I guess, just let him know youíre willing to help, and the girls will certainly need a woman to take them shopping and to do all the female things.

Sandy: Donít worry, Judy, Iíll be there for them.

Judy: I know you will, Sandy, but I wonít be.  I wonít be there for their graduations, or their weddings, or their first child.

Sandy: (Gently) Judy, donít do this to yourself.  Thereís nothing you can do about this.

Judy: I know.  I think maybe Iím trying to focus on them because Iím so scared.  Sandy, Iíve never done this before.

Sandy: Never done what?

Judy: Died.   Iíve never died before, Sandy.  Iím not sure I can do this.  (Throws arms around Sandy and sobs.)

Copyright John & Joanne Miller, all rights reserved.
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