By Giacinta Fedele


A woman waits by the phone for a call from someone who has greatly hurt her in the past. Can she bring herself to forgive him?


2 women


(Scene: 2 women are sitting alone in a room.  A phone sits near them.)
P1:  So when is he calling?
P2: (glumly) Any minute.
P1: (sympathetic) Nervous?
P2: (sarcastic) Who me?  Nervous?- I canít believe I agreed to this!
P1:  Itíll be okay.  Really.
P2:  (stands quickly) You want to go get some ice cream?
P1: (pulls her back down) Sit down, you.  Youíre not getting out of this that easy.  This is a good thing youíre doing.  You canít carry the past around forever.
P2:  You donít know what he did to me.  You donít know how badly it hurt.
P1:  Yes I do, you told me the whole story.  Many times.
P2:  Ok, then you do know- so why are you making me do this?
P1:  Iím not making you, this was YOUR idea.  Iím just helping you follow through with it.
P2:  I havenít talked to him in so long- what are we going to talk about?
P1:  I guess, ďHi, you screwed up and destroyed my lifeĒ isnít a great ice-breaker, huh?  (P2 glares)  Tell me again how he got your phone number.
P2:  I told my sister it was okay to give him my email address.  He emailed me, I sent him my phone number.
P1:  And you did this becauseÖ
P2:  Because I canít carry this forever.  Iím done, itís time to move on.  I want to tell him that what he did hurt, but I forgive him, and I still love him.
P1:  You still love him?
P2:  I never stopped.  Itís an art, really - letting someone go their own way, make their mistakes, and love them in spite of it.
P1:  Boy you sound healthy!  You sound just like a self-help booklet!
P2:  Well, ever since we went on that retreat, and the speaker talked about forgiveness, Godís been dealing with me about resolving unfinished business.  Carrying around all the anger and bitterness was only hurting me.  Iím much better off letting it go - if only I believed it!
P1:  Donít you?
P2:  No, I do reallyÖbut saying and doing are two different things.  The thought of hearing his voice againÖI donít know if I can handle it.
P1:  Youíre not the same person you were.  Youíve grown, and he probably has too.
P2:  Yes, weíve both grown, both changedÖat least I have. But him?  Thatís a little hard to picture.  Maybe he hasnít!  Maybe heís still the same insensitive, manipulative, self- absorbed-
P1: (interrupts)  Calm down.
P2:  I didnít like who I was when I was with him.
P1:  Letís say he hasnít changed.  That still doesnít mean you have to fall back into the same old pattern with him. Youíre stronger than that.
P2:  Can we have a relationship without that pattern?
P1:  I guess youíll find out.  God will give you strength.  You want me here when he calls?
P2:  No thanks, youíve been terrific.  But I need to face this myself.
P1:  Okay, Iíll be praying.  I want to hear all about it. (exits as phone starts ringing.  P2 stares at it for a few rings, then answers)
P2:  Hello?
Copyright 2003 Giacinta Fedele.  You have my permission to perform this script royalty-free as long as no admission is
charged for the audience. I would appreciate being notified if you intend to use it. You can email me at  Blessings!