The Spouse Centric Marriage Ė 2. Communication

By Bill Hamilton


Part 2 of a five-part series. Two people desperately want to share their day with the other, but neither finds the other willing to listen to them.




(Emma enters onto the stage to a kitchen scene, table, chairs, etc. Chuck is on the other side of the stage in the living room area. Emma is carrying a couple of grocery bags to the table but the bottom tears out of one and stuff falls to the floor.)

Emma: Ugh!!! (She stoops down to pick stuff up and more stuff falls from the table, further irritating her.)

Chuck: (hollers) Emma, is that you?

Emma: Yes! (To self) Of course itís me. Didnít you hear the sound of trumpets announcing my presence?

Chuck: (Moving toward the kitchen) Emma! Is that you?

Emma: Yes already!! Would you stop that inane yelling? What if it wasnít me? What if it was a terrorist? Would you go around yelling ďIs that youĒ until I ran screaming from the house?

Chuck: Whatís wrong with you? I was just saying hi.

Emma: Iím sorry, itís just Ö. Iíve had the worst day today.

(Chuck helps pick up the few things remaining on the floor and together they start putting things away. They continue doing this as they speak.)

Chuck: Yeah, tell me about it. We found out at work that if sales donít turn around, theyíre going to start laying people off next month.

Emma: First thing this morning, I walk into my class and Iíve got Joey Andersonís parents waiting to ambush me. They immediately go into a 10 minute tirade because their precious Joey got an incomplete on his report card this semester.

Chuck: I think Iím safe, but to tell you the truth, Iím a little worried. Larry made that huge sale last month and heís my main competition since we have the same sales territory.

Emma: He never hands in homework, comes to class late every day, like that even matters because even when he is there he doesnít pay attention. Not to mention he skips the final and doesnít show up for the makeup.

Chuck: Not only that but I found out heís in tight with the boss too. They play golf together every Sunday morning. Maybe I should start playing more. I mean it couldnít hurt to rub elbows with the brass.

Emma: So right after that, I get called in for my performance review with principal Edwards. I got a Ďsatisfactoryí when she knows thereís not another teacher who puts the time and effort into lesson planning that I do.

Chuck: I donít even know. Do you collect unemployment if you get laid off?

Emma: The students donít care, the parents expect miracles and the board of education is totally out of touch with reality.

Chuck: Sandy at work said you get like 50% of your pay for 26 weeks. Iím not sure weíll be able to make ends meet on that.

Emma: (Holds up the ticket) And to top it all off, I got a speeding ticket on my way home.

Chuck: Emma! You got whole milk. You know I like the 2%.

Emma: Chuck, Iíve been telling you how horrible my day has been and all you care about is 2% milk? Have you even heard a word Iíve said? Do you even care?

(Emma storms out leaving Chuck there to finish putting the groceries away.)


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