By Denise Busenitz


A little thing like a slice of pie can prove a big temptation. Can Fred resist?




(Henry and Fred sit at a table - each has a small serving of pie, and eats while talking.)
Fred:  Boy, this is really good!
Henry:  Well, I still have a little trouble getting that top crust on.
Fred:  I'm sure glad you took that cooking class, and  that you invited me over to try out your samples!
Henry:  Well, I'm glad you like it.
Fred:  Cherry (or whatever kind) is my favorite kind of pie.  (licking lips and obviously enjoying the pie)
Henry:  Next week we're supposed to learn how to make cinnamon rolls.
Fred:  Wow, that sounds good - maybe I should have taken the class, too.
(from the back, a phone is heard ringing.)
Henry:  Oh - the phone.  I'll be right back.  (he exits to the back)
(Fred slowly finishes his pie, enjoying each bite.  After finishing, he looks around, as if somewhat bored.  Suddenly, his eyes fall to Henry's pie - and stop.  Eyes become big, as if thought has entered his mind to eat it - then suddenly looks away to avoid the temptation.  Slowly begins to look around the room again, and his eyes go to the pie once more, this time lingering a little longer before looking away.  He begins to drum his fingers on the table to distract himself.  After a deep sigh, begins to look around and stops at the pie again, this time looking at it and licking his lips.  He leans over, closer and closer, then rubs his chin as if he is really thinking about eating Henry's piece of pie.  Slowly his hand goes to his fork.  He begins waving it around in the air, getting closer and closer to the piece of pie, then freezes mid-air.  His left hand grabs his right hand which is holding the fork, and "drags" it back to the table.  He drops the fork, and his left hand "slaps" his right hand in rebuke.  He drums his fingers again, then edges to the fork - thus begins a game of the left hand trying to keep the right hand in line.  Suddenly, he sits on both of his hands in desperation.  Fred now looks away again, is now obviously determined to not eat the pie.)
Henry:  (enters from rear, carrying the rest of the pie)  Wow, sorry that took so long, it was my sister calling from California.  Say, did you want another piece of pie?
Fred:  (pulling out hands and grabbing up the plate and fork)  Yeah, that sounds great!!!

Copyright Denise Busenitz, all rights reserved.
This script may be used free of charge provided no charge is made for admission. In return, the author would appreciate being notified of any performance. She may be contacted at ethandenise@wheatstate.com.