Mixed up Mission

By Eric Fisher


A drama team struggles to throw together a drama about being on a mission from God.


Matthew 28:18-20


Luke - not that bright
Jon Ė quietly confused
Jared Ė the only smart one of the bunch
Kristin Ė one half
Camille Ė the other half
James Ė doesnít want to be here
Chris Ė Kind of gets it but not really. Needs to be good at physical comedy.


(Everyone is standing around talking.  Luke enters.)
Luke: Okay everybody listen up. Service starts in one hour and we have absolutely nothing. Tonightís theme is ďOn a MissionĒ. So all we need to do is figure out somebody who was on a mission from God.
(Long silence)
Jon: Gandhi!
Jared: No moron, he means someone from the Bible.
Chris: Oh, how about David?
Kristin: Thatís a great idea. He was the guy who killed that other guy with that thing, right?
Jon: Yeah David was huge and there was this midget named Goliath who was threatening Godís people. (Jon gets on his knees as Goliath)
Chris: And David had a sniper rifle but he had to get down on his knees so he could hit Goliath between the eyes. (Chris gets on his knees to shoot) And he shot him five times but he just kept coming at him!
Camille / Kristin: (as though it were real) Look out! Look out!
Jared: Stop! Everybody just stop. What are you people talking about? Sniper rifles? In the Bible? You guys donít have a clue. David was just a boy and Goliath was a giant. David killed Goliath and the Philistines ran away.
Jon: A boy canít just kill a giant.
Camille: Dude, thatís just absurd.
Kristin: Yeah, seriously.
James: How about that old guy in the Bible? With a long beard.
Chris: Moses?
Luke: Yeah him. He was on a mission from God right? I mean to build that boat thing.
Camille: He built in like thirty days. And put all the animals on it.
Kristin: And then it rained and everybody died except him and his family. And when the water went away, he gave people the Ten Commandments.
Jared: Alright, thatís enough. Look. Moses was a leader of Israel and he set Godís people free from slavery in Egypt. When they came to the Red Sea he prayed and the water was held back so they could pass through. God used Him to bring deliverance to Godís chosen people. --- Noah built the ark.
Luke: Dude, whatever. Old people canít swim.
Jared: He didnít swim.
Jon: You just said he did.
James: Guys, we arenít getting anywhere here. Letís go the most obvious choice, Jesus. He was on a mission from God.
Camille: He was God. So how could he be on a mission from God?
Kristin: The theme isnít On a Mission from Myself.
Luke: Thatís not going to work. What about Paul? He wrote almost all the New Testament. He must have been on a mission from God.
Chris: He even took missionary journeys to tell people that Jesus was the Messiah. (Pause) But wait. Didnít he get burned alive or something?
Luke: No, he was beheaded.
Kristin: Thatís got to hurt.
Camille: I donít want people thinking that youíre gonna get beheaded if youíre on a mission from God. Thatís not going to go over very well.
Luke: Why would you even want to do anything if you knew you were going to die?
Chris: It doesnít make sense to me. God sends a little boy to fight a giant. He sends an old man to free the Israelites from the most powerful king in the world and the greatest apostle gets the axe.
Jared: You guys just donít get it. Itís not about the people that God sent. Itís about the God that sent the people.
Luke: Iím confused.
Jared: God uses ordinary people to do great things. The person just has to be willing to follow after God. God does the rest.
Chris: So God used David even though he was a boy because he believed that God could do anything.
Jon: It wasnít Moses who set the people free, but God used Moses to lead them to freedom.
Camille:  All those people were great just because they let God do what he wanted to do in their lives.
James: What about Paul?
Jared: He said, ďI have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge will award me on that day, and not only to me but also for all that have longed for his appearing.Ē
Chris: Being on a mission from God is about living every part of your life for Him.
Camille: It means keeping the faith and doing whatever God asked of you.
James: So how do we make that into a drama?
(Everyone looks around for an answer, then to Jared. )
Jared: I donít know.
Jon: What do you mean you donít know? Mister know Ė it- all.
James: Dude youíre useless.
Every body: Weíre never going to get this done. I give up. This is dumb, etc.
(Everybody walks away and leaves Jared just standing there by himself.)
(Jared shrugs his shoulders and walk off)
Copyright Eric S. Fisher, all rights reserved.
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