By Richard G. Huxley


A three act drama about commitment in a time of tribulation. In all the turmoil, a group has formed to help Christians in need. Known as the Sanctuary Group, they are sought by those in dire need. The group has tried to lend a healing hand by bringing in the lost and needy. Unfortunately, the Sanctuary Group is constantly moving around to protect themselves from capture, making it hard for others, even Christians, to find them. Many have perished trying to find the Sanctuary Group, while the members themselves are also in grave danger.
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Stephen (Spiritual leader of the Sanctuary Group)
Tom (Advisor and strategy leader of the Sanctuary Group)
Paul (Security member of the Sanctuary Group) 
Abbey (Sister to Paul and member of the Sanctuary Group)
Dan (Outreach support of the Sanctuary Group)
Becky (Medical support of the Sanctuary Group)
Anne (Outreach support of the Sanctuary Group)
Matt (Ration provider of the Sanctuary Group)
Amber (Believer in search of help)
Cyrus (Arch Premier of the United World’s Government)
Infinity Circle Soldier 1 (Military Soldier of Infinity Circl)
Infinity Circle Soldier 2 (Military Soldier of Infinity Circle)
Infinity Circle Soldier 3 (Military Soldier of Infinity Circle)
Infinity Circle Soldier 4 (Military Soldier of Infinity Circle)
Narrator (Voice at the beginning and end)



NARRATOR: It is a time of tribulation. Bibles are scarce and Christians are fleeing in the thousands to safety in remote places. Food and other needed supplies are running low, making the odds of survival for those in hiding, grim. The United World’s Government has tolerated Christianity long enough and they’ve now called the most practiced religion, an abomination to the government’s leader’s and its people. A specially assigned religious task force called the Infinity Circle, formed by the United World’s Government, is actively seeking and arresting Christians in large numbers and taking them into captivity. Those who’ve taken the mark are helping the Infinity Circle in locating and bringing in Christians for the monetary bounty. Betrayal is in the air on both sides and deception has found its place in the hearts of man. Friends are betraying friends and brother betraying brother. Pain and sadness have become a part of daily life.
In all of this turmoil, one group has formed to help those Christians in need. They are known as the Sanctuary Group and are whispered about by many, especially Christians, in their secret meetings and are sought by those in dire need. The group has tried to lend a healing hand by bringing in the lost and needy. Unfortunately, the Sanctuary Group is constantly moving around to protect themselves from capture, making it hard for others, even Christians, to find them. Many have perished trying to find the Sanctuary Group and few have made it. Messages are being received by the group daily. Their message is clear, "Please help. We need the safety of the Sanctuary."

The Infinity Circle is also aware of the Sanctuary Group’s defiance and is actively looking for them to bring them in for religious crimes. Crimes that are punishable only by death. It is only a matter of time before the Sanctuary Group has to move again, but will it be too late?

Act One


(The stage is black. STEPHEN is standing in the center. Head  down until the lights come up. Head rises when spotlight comes on him. He is holding a wallet-sized picture of his wife in his hand. He addresses the audience and prepares them for what they are about to see.)

STEPHEN: I am going to be executed soon. My actions have led both Christians and non, to their deaths. My religious crimes have made me a wanted man by the United World’s Government, or U.W.G. for short. Therefore, the law says I’m to be executed. Am I scared? (Pauses) Yes. I’d be lying if I said, "No." But I know the Lord is there to protect me and will be by my side, but knowing that it’s all coming to a close seems so final, and that’s what scares me the most. (Pauses) At times I wonder if this is what Jesus felt in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night of his betrayal. Sitting there and praying to God, asking for His will to be done, to give him the strength to carry on. (Thinks to self.) I wish I had my Bible right now. It seemed to always give me the reassurance I needed when I felt lost and alone. I loved sitting and holding it and reflecting on what Jesus had to say to me. Telling me that I was His and that He would care for me…but those alone times will soon be no more.

I guess I’m glad it’s finally coming to an end. You see, I’ve seen a lot of death over the last few years. My wife, friends, and those who sought my group for protection are now dead. Did I kill these people? Not directly, but I do feel responsible, (Pauses and starts to cry.) especially for the children. They were innocent victims in this world gone mad.

You see, I was the leader of what was called the Sanctuary Group. We considered ourselves part of the new believers. Which were those who didn’t accept Christ until after the rapture.

All of us were considered terrorists by the U.W.G., who eventually grew tired of our message and sent the Infinity Circle to arrest and convict. They stormed into church services and would take everyone outside. Those who weren’t executed would watch their churches being burned down and their Bibles being thrown into the fiery rubble as they were taken away to labor camps. It became almost impossible to survive as a Christian and it was hard for us to watch our fellow brothers and sisters writhing in so much pain. So a group of us formed to offer sanctuary to those in need, Christian or not. Because of the threat to us by the Infinity Circle, we had to move around frequently. Our last hideaway was a small run down house in the hills. All of these factors made it even more difficult for Christians to find us for help. The last week of our group became the worst. The time for the Sanctuary Group was coming to an end.

(Spot light fades. STEPHEN exits)


(Lights come up on stage. Crowd will see an organized setup consisting of a desk and furniture. Sitting on a table behind the desk is a pot of coffee and some cups. Sitting at the desk will be TOM. He is praying and holding a Bible close to self.)

TOM: Dear Lord, I pray that you will continue to watch over this group. We need you, Father. Especially in the days that lay ahead. You’ve led us this far (MATT enters and sees TOM praying. He is very considerate of this moment.) and I have faith that you will continue Lord. I thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s in your son’s name I ask it…amen.

MATT: Is everything ok, Tom?

TOM (Sets Bible down on table and gets up to let MATT take his place at the table.): It will be,, Matt.

MATT (Grabbing papers in front of him and starts to review them.): Who’ll be here for the meeting?

TOM: Everyone, but Stephen, Dan, and Anne.

MATT: Are they in town?

TOM: Yes. (BECKY, ABBEY, and PAUL enter.) They’re checking with our contacts.

PAUL (Defiantly): So what’s this meeting about?

ABBEY: I think it’s about our current situation? Is that right Matt?

MATT (Looking dismayed): Yes it is Abbey.

PAUL (Sarcastically): Oh good. Maybe we can finally afford to put drapes up in here to brighten the place up a little. I was hoping for a soft floral pattern. Any suggestions?

BECKY: Very funny Paul.

PAUL: Well, maybe next time. It was worth a shot.

TOM (Getting serious.): So how are we looking right now Matt?

MATT: We’ve seen better days Tom.

BECKY: Well, what supplies are we the lowest on?

MATT (Reviewing his list): Money and medical. Food is also dwindling, but there’s enough to maybe last us another month.

BECKY (Getting concerned.): Well, what am I supposed to do when I have to care for someone? I’ve been providing medical care to those believers in hiding and now that all might come to an end? Is there anyway that we can reach the Lexington group to get supplies up here?

MATT (Shaking head.): They’re gone. They were raided a week ago. (Pauses) No survivors.

BECKY: I’m sorry…I didn’t know. (Getting back to topic.) Well, are you sure you’re not overlooking something?

MATT: I’m sorry Becky, I know it troubles you greatly. We’ll have to make do with what we have and trust that God will provide.

BECKY (Starting to cry.): It’s the children I worry about.

ABBEY (Puts her arm around BECKY.): It’ll be ok Becky. God has taken care of us this far hasn’t He? (Nods from everyone) Why would He stop now?

MATT: Yes Abbey, He has taken care of us and we need to have faith that He’ll continue.

ABBEY (To BECKY.): You know Anne and I’ll help you out in any way we can ok.

(BECKY nods.)

TOM: Matt, you’ve been our ration provider for some time now. You of all people know how things look for us. (MATT nods.) What I want to know is how much longer can we realistically survive out here?

MATT: If nothing else comes in (Pauses)…two weeks maybe three.
(Heads drop. BECKY and ABBEY grab hands and start praying silently.)
PAUL: Where’s Stephen? Shouldn’t he be here for this too?

TOM: He went into town with Dan and Anne. They’re looking for messages from other Christians.

PAUL: Are you serious? (TOM nods. Getting upset) They have to stop doing this!

TOM: People still need us Paul.

PAUL: I understand that, but it’s becoming too risky and one day we’re gonna get caught!

TOM: So what do you suggest we do Paul?

PAUL: Hey, you’re the strategist leader of the group! Why don’t you figure it out? Then when you do, call another useless meeting and share with everyone what you’ve decided.

TOM: What’s your problem Paul?

PAUL: My problem is that this Infinity Circle is looking hard for us and it may be just a matter of time before we’re caught. I’d like to try to avoid that if at all possible, but when those three go into town like they do, they’re compromising our secrecy.
(BECKY and ABBEY finish praying).
TOM: The needy come first Paul and we should be there for them.

PAUL: But at what price are we willing to sacrifice the group? (Exits)

ABBEY: Paul! Wait!

BECKY (Places hand on ABBEY): Leave him be Abbey. It’ll be ok.

MATT: As much as I don’t like having to say this, he is right Tom.

TOM (Nods slowly): I know.

(STEPHEN, DAN, and ANNE enter and hang up coats.)

ABBEY: Well, any news from the front lines?

STEPHEN (Nods.): Our contacts have been circulating our letter and they had something for us.

TOM: What was it?

ANNE: A few things actually.

BECKY (Excitedly): Really? What?

STEPHEN: Our letter has been nicknamed The Pulpit by other Christians in hiding.

MATT: Why The Pulpit?

STEPHEN: Since we’re called the Sanctuary Group, they consider our message coming from a pulpit.

TOM: What other news do you have?

STEPHEN: Well, I’d like to discuss it with everyone during our evening meditation if that’s ok. (Nods from everyone. STEPHEN walks over and picks up Bible from table and clutches it in his hands.) It’s going to require a lot of prayer and consideration on our part.

MATT: That’s in an hour.

STEPHEN: Yeah, I know. That gives me plenty of time to prepare my thoughts. (Looks towards MATT, BECKY, and ABBEY) Matt, If you, Becky, and Abbey don’t mind, I need to talk to Dan and Tom alone before we begin. (Looks at DAN and TOM) Is that all right with you two? (They nod).

MATT: Ok, (Pointing to BECKY, ANNE, and ABBEY) we can be praying for the group’s well being until then. (STEPHEN nods.) See you in an hour.

(MATT starts to leave.)

STEPHEN: We’ll meet in here. (MATT, BECKY, and ABBEY exit. STEPHEN sits at desk.) So Tom, did Matt share with everybody our supply situation?

TOM: Yes.


TOM: Becky’s very concerned.

STEPHEN: Obviously because of the medical support she gives.

TOM: Exactly.

DAN: Any relief in sight?

TOM: None that Matt can see. (Looks towards STEPHEN) We need to make some decisions Stephen and soon.

STEPHEN: I know.

TOM: You know we’re going to have to leave soon. (STEPHEN nods)

DAN (Speaking firmly.): We can’t do that Tom.

TOM: And why not Dan? We are running low on funds and medical supplies. Food will eventually run out and then what?

STEPHEN: This is something that needs to be discussed with the entire group. We all need to put our feelings on the table so the right decision can be made here.

TOM: Then why’d you want to have this private meeting if we need to talk about this as a group?

STEPHEN: We’ve received a letter from one of our contacts.

TOM: And….

STEPHEN: Somebody needs our help and I need to know what you two think.

TOM: Does this prevent us from leaving?

STEPHEN: It could. (Pulls out the letter.) Let me share with you the message our contacts received and then give me your reaction.

TOM: Ok.

STEPHEN (Opens letter and reads it aloud): Sanctuary Group, I’m a young mother and I need your help. (Lights fade)


(Lights come up. BECKY is alone on stage. She is holding the group’s Bible and praying silently for God to provide His helping hand. ANNE and ABBEY enter and sit next to BECKY to offer their support.)
BECKY (Finishes her prayer and notices ANNE and ABBEY sitting with her): Hi, how long have you been standing there?

ABBEY: A few minutes. We wanted to come and pray with you.

ANNE: Abbey told me about what Matt said earlier at the meeting.

BECKY: I don’t know what I’m going to do. I see these poor individuals who are suffering and dying and my heart goes out to them. The medical care I give is the one sane thing I can do in this insane world. Now Matt tells me that it could end soon.

ANNE: You know that Abbey and I’ll help you.

BECKY: It’s not that.

ABBEY: It brings back bad memories doesn’t it?

BECKY: Yes. (Starts to reflect.) When I was a nurse, before all this began, helping people and making them better was the greatest feeling I ever experienced. Then the U.W.G. made it law that only those with the mark could give and receive medical care, but the hospital knew they would’ve been short staffed if they fired those of us without mark, so I was able to keep my job. Shortly thereafter, a mother came in to the hospital. Her baby was dying from dehydration and malnutrition and she was turned away because she didn’t have the mark. No hospital would admit her baby. Two days later I saw her sitting outside the hospital on a bench sobbing and telling what appeared to be her father that his grandson died. I went home and sat in my one bedroom apartment and cried so hard that I actually ran out of tissues. How could medical care be denied to those precious babies? I couldn’t take it anymore! I finally fell on my knees and asked Jesus in my heart. I knew that my decision would force me to leave the hospital, but I didn’t care. I vowed that I would help as many people as possible, especially children.

ANNE (Realizing): Oh! So that’s when you must have met Stephen?

BECKY: Exactly, and we talked about forming a secret underground organization that would help other believers who were in need.

ANNE: I’m glad that you two met. You’ve been an inspiration to me.

ABBEY: I think all of us here are an inspiration to each other.

BECKY: Amen to that!

ANNE: I have something to ask the two of you.

ABBEY: Sure.

ANNE: Losing my family was the hardest time for me. The Sanctuary Group is the only family I have left and you’re like sisters to me. (Pauses, takes in a deep breath, and collects herself.) If the Infinity Circle should ever catch us, (ABBEY tries to stop ANNE’s thought, but ANNE raises her hand to continue.) I don’t want to die alone. (Starts to cry a little.) I ask that if it ever comes to that…please hold my hand and don’t ever let me go. I need and love you two that much.
(All three embrace and tell ANNE "Yes.")STEPHEN, DAN, TOM, and MATT enter.)
STEPHEN: Good evening ladies. (ANNE, BECKY, and ABBEY say "Hello." They continue to sit together and hold each other’s hand.) Anne do you mind opening us up in prayer and then leading in a song of supplication?

ANNE: Sure. (ANNE stands and is given the Bible from BECKY. Everyone finds a place to sit and bows their head.) You are Jehovah Jireh. Provider of all our needs. You are there in our time of struggle and need. You watch over us. Lord you are our deliverer and we owe you all of our praise. The days ahead seem dark, but you will be our light. The blood you shed saves and cleanses and covers a multitude of sins. We give this all to you and ask it in your son’s name…amen. (ANNE leads the group in one verse of a song of supplication. Preferably to the tune of "Hallelujah".) You are holy…you are holy…you are holy…you are holy.

(STEPHEN walks to center stage as ANNE finishes up)

STEPHEN: Thank you Anne…that was beautiful.

(ANNE sits down.)

PAUL: So now what’s this meeting for?

STEPHEN: Today while we (Points to DAN and ANNE.) were in town receiving letters from our contacts, I read one from our sister group in Albany. Apparently a young mother has been going from town to town running and hiding. She has no family to go to. Her child has been seriously ill for about two weeks now. She fears he might be getting pneumonia. Someone told her about us and she’s been searching ever since. It’s been next to impossible because we’re constantly moving. (Pauses) I’m afraid that if she can’t find us soon…she’ll lose her child.

ABBEY: How young is she?

STEPHEN: Nineteen, maybe twenty.

BECKY: How old’s her child?

STEPHEN: The letter says he’s two.

(Concerned looks on everyone’s face.)

PAUL: Have any of our contacts met her yet?


PAUL: So what’re you saying?

STEPHEN: I think we need to pray about sticking around and helping her out.

PAUL: Are you joking! Have you even talked to Matt to see what our current supplies look like?

STEPHEN: I know they’re dwindling.

PAUL: Dwindling? That’s a nice way to put it! How about grim…slim…better yet…almost none!

MATT: They are pretty low Stephen. If we don’t do something soon, we’re going to have to look for a Sanctuary Group to help us out.

STEPHEN: I’m aware of that, but I want this discussed appropriately, not a yelling match. I want everyone’s thoughts and feelings on whether we need to stay or leave. If you all feel that it would be in our best interest to leave…then we will.

(STEPHEN sits. DAN takes STEPHEN’S place in the center))

DAN: I think we need to stay.

PAUL: Oh good heavens!

ABBEY: Let him speak Paul!

DAN: Thank you Abbey. (Collects himself and begins again.) . I know I’ve only been with you all for about six months, but I know what I’ve seen. Our purpose has always been to serve those who are in need. If we stop now with this girl…who’s to say that word won’t get out through the underground that we abandoned this mother and child. Do we want that label on our heads? Can we afford to compromise our integrity with the other underground organizations? I pray that you will truly search your heart.

(DAN sits back down. PAUL is clapping hands while standing and speaking sarcastically)

PAUL: Well, that was beautiful Dan, but we are not compromising here! Its called survival! Our purpose has been to help others and I don’t disagree with you on that, but at what point is it suicide? At what point do we put ourselves first so we can go on helping others? My heart goes out to this young mother and her child, but no one has met her yet! (To STEPHEN.) Can our contacts or the Albany group even confirm that she’s not a plant from the government?


PAUL: Then why are we going to risk all of our lives on something unknown?

ANNE: We already did.

PAUL: What are you talking about Anne?

ANNE: We already risked our lives on something that was unknown to us and look where we are. We all denied Jesus Christ, whom we never met. We took the chance that he wasn’t who he claimed he was and now we’re here. He came and took the believers and we were left for the next seven years. So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m tired of taking the easy way out. Jesus said, "If you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto me."

TOM: He also said, "Whoever saves his life shall lose it, but whosoever loses his life for my sake shall save it."

PAUL: So I take it you two want to stay? (TOM and ANNE nod. Throws hands up in defeat.) Oh, this is just great!!!

MATT: I’m sorry, but I agree with Paul.

PAUL: Thank you.

STEPHEN (Upset): Oh Matt.

MATT: He’s right Stephen. If we don’t leave soon, there will be no more Sanctuary Group. The Infinity Circle is taking our contacts in everyday. Who’s to say that one of them doesn’t give us up. Money, food, and medical supplies are not coming in like they were…actually not at all. The fact that this girl is an unknown scares me. I say we leave…with no forwarding address…if you know what I mean.

(STEPHEN nods.)

STEPHEN: Becky? You haven’t said anything yet.

BECKY: I think everyone’s correct in how they feel.

PAUL: Hey, now is not the time to be a politician. We need a group effort here ok.

BECKY: I know you do. I feel for this mother and her child, don’t think I don’t. I’m also very aware of where we stand with our supplies. These are all good arguments for and against leaving, but my conviction is to stay and help out this child and mother before we leave.

PAUL (Stands): I can’t believe I’m hearing this!!!!

ANNE: Calm down Paul!

PAUL: No! I’m not gonna calm down! I’m not dying for this stupidity!

DAN: It’s not stupid.

PAUL: Dan, you don’t even know what we’ve been through, so I don’t want your opinion!

STEPHEN: That’s enough Paul. Please sit down. (Pauses and waits. PAUL still stands.) Please. (After a few moments, PAUL finally sits.) I think I have an idea that can please everyone.

TOM: What’s that Stephen?

STEPHEN: One week. We wait one week. If she doesn’t show up in one week, we leave. I do agree with you Paul, we can’t hurt ourselves, but I think we owe this mother and child that much.

(STEPHEN looks to everyone and waits for their decision.)

ANNE: That’s fine.

BECKY: I agree.

TOM: Ok.

DAN: It’s what God would want us to do.

ABBEY (Reluctantly): If my brother leaves...I should too.

STEPHEN: Matt? Paul?

MATT: You’re right Stephen. Staying here and waiting for this mother and child is the best decision. I have to agree with Dan, it’s what God would want us to do.

STEPHEN: Thank you Matt and how about you Paul?

PAUL: Fine, but all I know is that I’m outta here in one week with or without them.

STEPHEN: We all are Paul. I promise you that…we all are.

(Lights fade.)


(Scene opens with MATT, TOM, STEPHEN, and DAN sitting at table drinking coffee. They are discussing the group’s meeting. The group’s Bible is sitting on the table.)
TOM: So how do you think the meeting went Stephen?

STEPHEN: Better than I thought, but it sure was nice to hear from the Albany group.

TOM (Nodding): Yes it was.

DAN: Paul seemed upset.

STEPHEN: I knew for sure that we were going to get the most resistance from him.

MATT: He makes a good argument.

STEPHEN: I know he does.

DAN: He always makes a good argument.

TOM: But what if he’s right. What if we’re setting ourselves up for disaster?

DAN: You’re not changing your mind are you?

TOM: I don’t know.

STEPHEN: I need you Tom. If you’re changing your mind, please tell me because if the others think that only a few of us want to stay here and wait…(Leaves the thought hanging for TOM.)

TOM (Finishing STEPHEN’S thought): …then it could cause strife and dissention among the group?

STEPHEN: Exactly.

DAN (Trying to make point): When we discussed staying here for this mother and child, I felt that we were doing what we were originally called for as the Sanctuary Group, to help those in need. I remember where I was in my life not too long ago before you allowed me to join the group. (Starts to reflect.) Lost and scared. I didn’t have any one to turn to at all. I was terrified and knew that I wasn’t going to make it on my own. I had finally accepted Jesus, but I had no one to help me…until I found you. (Pauses.) We just can’t leave here…we just can’t.

TOM: Why are you so adamant to stay in this old run down house Dan?

DAN: I’m sorry, I don’t follow you. (Defensively) I thought we all wanted to stay for the next week to see what happens.

TOM: I don’t know Dan. You seem to get so defensive and it appears to be more of an issue with you.

DAN: I’m sorry I was just looking out for the group’s best interests. I thought that’s what we’re all doing.

STEPHEN: We are Dan.

TOM: Just forget I said anything at all.

DAN (Rising. Visibly upset): I’m going to bed.

MATT: Goodnight.

STEPHEN: Goodnight Dan.

TOM (Rudely): Yeah, good night.

DAN: Before I go, I want you three to know something. I’m thankful to be here with all of you. I know I haven’t seen everything that you have. I haven’t seen all the pain, the crying, and the death, but my loyalty is to the Sanctuary Group. I want the best for us all, just like you Tom. I want to survive and I’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish that task. (Turns away.) Goodnight.

(DAN exits.)

MATT: I’m going to bed too. I told Becky that I’d go through our medical supplies with her to see if we could come up with something in case this mother and child arrives. I better hurry before she falls asleep.

(MATT starts to exit.)

STEPHEN: Matt? Before you go. (MATT stops) Do you think we can help them if they show?

MATT (Pondering): I really don’t know. We’ll just have to pray and have faith. Goodnight.

STEPHEN: Goodnight.

TOM: Goodnight. (Waits until MATT is gone. He gets up and pours himself and STEPHEN a cup of coffee.) Does it scare you Stephen?


(TOM hands STEPHEN a cup of coffee)

TOM: The fact that maybe one of us here might renounce Jesus one day.

STEPHEN: Yes Tom, it does.

TOM: Me too.

STEPHEN: Why are you asking me that?

TOM: Sometimes I sit in here at night all alone thinking to myself what I would do if I was in that situation and wondering where people’s spirits are. Asking, ‘Are they totally committed to the group?’

STEPHEN: I sure hope they are.

TOM: If they aren’t, then the group is over, as we know it.

STEPHEN: Tom? Are you prepared for the possibility that this might be the end? That because of my decision, you might die for your faith.

TOM: Why are you asking?

STEPHEN: Because it’s important to me. It’s important that I know.

TOM: I don’t understand.

STEPHEN: Tom, are you ready to make a commitment…a promise?

TOM (Confused): A promise?

STPEHEN: Yes, like the one I made to my wife.

TOM: When was that?

STEPHEN: Our church started having secret meetings shortly after all of this started. I was running late one night so I called Lauren and asked her to meet me there. I arrived thirty minutes later. Everyone’s cars were out front so I knew they were still meeting, but what I saw when I walked through the front doors changed me forever. (Pauses) As I opened the door I was hit with a wave of emptiness like I had never felt before. Standing in the entryway, I trembled while staring at the lifeless bodies that lay around the room. It was obvious that the meeting had been raided. (Starting to relive that day) I saw Lauren lying in a pool of her own blood from a gunshot wound to the head. I ran to her screaming her name and saying, ‘No! Not you Lauren! Not my Lauren! Why? Dear Lord please bring her back. Don’t take my Lauren!’ (Pauses) I sat there holding her lifeless body in my arms sobbing rocking back and forth and telling her how much I loved her and how much I needed her. I kept asking her ‘Why?’ But I knew why. I knew she had refused to renounce Jesus as her savior and was killed because of it. It was at that moment that I made her a promise. I would never reject Jesus Christ as my Lord and I would go to my grave proclaiming that truth if I had too. Then I felt the presence of the Lord all around me and it was at that moment that I knew He was leading me to seek out others and form the Sanctuary Group.

TOM: I never knew that Stephen.

STEPHEN: No one does.

TOM: Is something bothering you? Are you having second thoughts?

STEPHEN: What if my decision for the group to stay and wait was wrong? What if I’ve placed you all in a position where you find yourself struggling to make the right choice? What if some of you aren’t ready? What if my promise causes you all… to die?

TOM: Stephen, we follow you because we know that God’s hand is on you. We know that your decisions are always sought after with prayer and that’s why your leadership is respected by all of us.

STEPHEN: So, if you have to, are you ready to die for your faith? Can you make a promise that no matter what, you’ll never reject Jesus?

TOM (Thinking to self): Stephen, not a day goes by that I don’t struggle with that question. I hope when it comes time for me, when I have to choose, that I have your strength and I say ‘Yes’ to Jesus.

STEPHEN: Thank you for being honest.

(TOM rises and begins to exit.)

TOM: Goodnight.
(STEPHEN pulls out a picture of Lauren from his wallet and stares at it)
STEPHEN: They’re my friends Lauren and I love them dearly. As their leader, I hope that I’ve made the right decision.

(STEPHEN exits and lights fade)


(Scene opens with TOM sitting at alone at the table reading the Bible and drinking coffee. BECKY enters.)
BECKY: Well, somebody’s up burning the midnight oil.

TOM (Startled): Huh? Oh, hi Becky. You scared me.

BECKY: Do you mind if I join you?

TOM: Please do. (Points to an empty chair) I couldn’t sleep so I’ve been sitting here thinking and reading a little.

(BECKY pours herself a cup of coffee)

BECKY: That could be a dangerous thing.

TOM: Tell me about it. (Picks up Bible and thinks to self.) You know, I think we have one of the few Bibles that’s still in existence.

BECKY: I know. I find myself up at night sitting alone, just like you, praying and reading. We’re one of the fortunate ones.

(TOM picks up Bible and stares at it thankfully)

TOM: We truly are.

(Sets Bible back down.)

BECKY: What were you thinking about before I walked in?

TOM: Our meeting earlier and what everyone had to say.

BECKY: Me too. I can’t sleep at all.

TOM: I’m afraid Becky.

BECKY: We all are Tom.

TOM: No. I’m afraid of staying here and getting caught.

BECKY: But you said that you thought we should stay because of that girl.

TOM: We should, but it doesn’t change the fact that I don’t want to get caught.

BECKY: What do you think will happen to us if we are caught?

TOM: Don’t ask me that.

BECKY: Why not?

TOM: Because of my family.

BECKY: Were they taken in by the Infinity Circle?

TOM: My brothers were. My parents were fortunate enough to meet the Lord in the air.

BECKY: What happened to your brothers?
(TOM struggles to begin story because of the sorrow he remembers)
TOM: My brothers and I immediately accepted Christ when we realized what had happened to our parents. Things were going fine until the U.W. G. started cracking down on Christians by forming the Infinity Circle. I was at home waiting for Andy and Robert to return from the store, but they never did. I was watching the news and saw what was happening all over. It was like seeing those movie reels of the Holocaust again. I knew they were taken during the sweep. I heard later that quite a few Christians, including them, were shot and killed in front of that store as an example to others. One bullet each…right there. (Points to front of head.) That’s all it took.

BECKY: I’m so sorry Tom.

TOM: So am I Becky…so am I.

BECKY (Trying to change subject): Do you think she’ll show up?

TOM: The girl? (BECKY nods) I don’t know. I think that’s what’s scaring me so bad, this unknown that may or may not happen. We’re putting a lot on the line for this young mother and her child and part of me wonders if it’s really worth it.

BECKY: I have faith that Jesus is going to take care of us during this time and that his plan will ultimately be carried out.

TOM: Are you prepared to die for that plan?

BECKY: Why do you ask?

TOM: Stephen asked me earlier.

BECKY: Oh, I see. Put me under the microscope too huh?

TOM (Laughs): I’m sorry. I was just wondering if you were ready.

BECKY: That’s why I’m here. How about you?

TOM: I’d be lying to you if I said that I didn’t struggle with it daily.

BECKY: That’s only human. Look at Peter who denied Jesus three times before the rooster crowed. He walked and ate with Jesus daily and in the end he was scared. But when it’s all over, Jesus will claim his children as his own.

TOM (Feeling relived): Thank you Becky.

BECKY: Don’t ever forget that.

TOM: I won’t.

(Pauses as she thinks how to word her next question)

BECKY: Tom, can I ask you something?

TOM: Sure.

BECKY: Do you ever think about leaving this all behind?

TOM: Daily.

BECKY: Please don’t.

TOM: I can’t promise you that I never will, but I can say that I know the Lord wants me here and I’ll be obedient to his command. Fair enough?

BECKY (Nods): I guess.

TOM (Yawns and stretches): I’m going to bed now. (Pushes back chair and stands.) Thanks for the talk Becky.

BECKY: You’re welcome. (Watches TOM as he leaves. She stops him when he gets almost off stage.) Tom? (TOM stops, but doesn’t look back.) Everything will be ok. We made the right decision.

TOM: I know Becky.
(TOM exits and BECKY grabs the Bible and starts reading it. Lights fade.)

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