God Leaves The Light On


A light- hearted monologue looking at stewardship from Tom Bud-get's view point.  It's a parody of the American 'Motel-6' comercials.


One male, picking a guitar as he speaks.


Hi Folks,
Tom Bud-get here with a few rambling thoughts on financial stewardship.  Now that the holidays are over and done with, do you find that you're gonna spend the next 6 months paying for Susie's new bicycle and little Johnny's game-boy accessories?  How about that little trip back home to visit the folks and the old home place? Yeah, travel's not cheap, what with gas prices being so high...even good-old Motel 7 has raised their rates.

Have you ever stopped to think about God's plan for your holiday shopping?  For that matter, have you ever wondered what God thinks of your spending in general?  Most good Christian folks pray about big purchases like a house or a car.  But most of us don't think twice about the money we spend to go out for a meal, or buy a Christmas present for Aunt Thelma and Uncle Oscar.

Well, I'm Tom Bud-get, and one thing I've learned in my travels across this great old country is that God cares about you and me.  And He cares about how we handle everything He's given to us:  from the petty change in our pockets, to the talents we use, to the work we do for the church and our brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Ah, let's face it - it all belongs to Him anyhow.  You know the old saying:  God owns the cattle on a thousand hill sides.

Why not include God in all your plans; what you spend and what you give - including planning for this year's Christmas now, instead of spending all year paying for the last one.  You can find out what God thinks about where to go on vacation and which Motel 7 to stay in when you visit Cousin Stella this summer.  And remember a message from old Tom Bud-get...when you want to talk things over with God - He's always gonna leave a light on for you.


Copyright Peggy Barnell, all rights reserved. This script may be performed free of charge provided no charge is made for admission. In return, the author would appreciate being notified of any performances. She may be contacted through her website, www.peggybarnell.com