I need to hear from you

By Peter France


A monologue in which a girl muses why she doesn't seem to hear from God. Designed to be accompanied by the Petra song, "I need to hear from you".




<intro music>
THANK YOU GOD! Exams are finally over! Lord, please let the markers be kind to me. Especially when I got muddled in that last essay. And Lord, could you please get that cute guy Trevor to show a bit more interest in me? He's such a dish... Wonder if he'll be at the rave on Friday night?! uh oh, there's a damp spot on the ceiling - I wonder if the roof is
leaking again? Must remember to ring the landlord... Which reminds me, I don't suppose I can put that checkup off any longer. Lord, the tooth seems to be getting worse, and I've asked you a dozen times to heal it. Don't you care?
Where was I?... oh yes, Lord, now that exams are over, what am I going to do? I could do that course, but it's a whole extra year, and I'd really like to get a job like Susan's and earn some decent money...
Lord, why is it so hard to decide? Why can't you give me some help here? Susan gets words from you just about every week in our small group. What's so special about her? Why don't I? I wonder if she makes them up? No, that's not fair....I suppose. Why is it so hard to hear from you? I'd do anything just to hear from you... but sometimes it seems like you're not even listening.
GOD: "I am"
Whoa... Lord, sorry, I didn't mean it, I mean I know you're there. I just didn't expect to hear your voice.
< music>
Lord, ah, when I said I'd do anything, um, I don't really have to apologise to Susan, do I? Lord?
<outro music>
Copyright Peter France, all rights reserved.
This script may be used without royalty, provided no charge is made for entrance to the performance. In return, the author would like to be told when it is used. He may be contacted at: peter.france@xtra.co.nz