The Banished Husband

by Scott Mathis


An allegory on our relationship with Jesus.Tom and Kathy have just  married. While Tom is thinking of the honeymoon, Kathy has a very different view of how the relationship should be conducted.




NARRATOR: The wedding is over.  The bird seed has been thrown, the bubbles blown. The cake cut, the presents opened and the dance is done.  Tom and his new bride are alone at last!  As the car pulls away from the curb, the bride moves over to the far side of  the seat -- as far away from her new husband as she can possibly get...
KATHY:  Tom, take me home!
TOM:  Home, Kathy?  We haven't even started our honeymoon yet.  Our new home won't be ready for three weeks!!
KATHY:  I don't want to go to that house you are building.  At least not yet--not for a long time.  Take me back to my apartment!
(Tom looks at his wife in amazement...)
TOM:  But honey...
KATHY:  (interrupting...)  Tom, I'm glad we're married.  We belong to each other, and I can use your name as mine.  But, please, I want to go back to my old apartment... Now that we're married, I'll try to see you once a week.  But as far as living with you is concerned, nothing doing!  I'm going back to my old occupation, my old friends, my old pastimes.  Oh yes, I do love you!  Why, I've accepted you as my husband, haven't I??  I belong to you forever, but I refuse to let you interfere with my life.  I'm going to please myself...
TOM:  (interrupting...)  But, honey...
KATHY:  (continuing on...)  Of course, if I'm sick or if I need any money I'll call for you at once because, after all, I have accepted you as my husband.  In the meantime, thank you for loving me.  Thank you for asking me to be yours.  Thank you for being my husband, but hands off my life.  Now take me to my apartment!
(fade to black)
Copyright 2004 by Scott Mathis.
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