Gardening Problems

By Joshua S. Reid


A boy who has a great dream - but is afraid to let it out of its box - receives encouragement from a girl passing by.




(The boy is on stage looking into a cardboard box which he is holding. He looks - sighs - frowns - and sighs again.)

Girl: (Enters) Hi There!

Boy: Hi.

Girl: What have you got there?

Boy: Oh..this? - This is just my dream.

Girl: Your dream?! - Wow! Can I take a look?

Boy: No! (Beat) It's only a small seed so far. I don't want to show it to anyone yet.

Girl: Oh. (Shrugs) Okay. Maybe I can have a look at it after you plant it, and it starts to grow?

Boy: Well, that would be okay except that...

Girl: Yes?

Boy: Except that I don't think I'm going to plant it.

Girl: What?! You're not even going to plant your dream?! Why on earth not?

Boy: Because... I'm afraid of what people might say about it. They might not like it, and it might turn out all wrong. I mean, it might get out of control and I might not be able to stop it!

Girl: Wow. That's alot of "mights". (Beat) Here's some more: It might be great. People might love it. It might change the world. It might be an inspiration to others. And - if you never even plant it - you might never know how good it really will be.

Boy: (Shrugs) Yeah. I know all that. (Beat) I guess I'm just afraid - just in case it doesn't work out.

Girl: (Thinks) Well, how about having a little bit of faith, and just planting your seed in the first place. (Beat) I mean - do you believe in this dream?

Boy: Oh yes! I really do. (beat) I guess that I just don't have much confidence...

Girl: Well, I'll tell you what. How about we both have a little bit of faith and go and plant that seed - together.

Boy: You mean, you'll help me grow my dream?

Girl: Sure I will. And if I've got confidence in your dream, as well as you have - then I'm sure this dream will grow and blossom and really become something great!

Boy: You really think so?

Girl: Yep.

Boy: Well, let's go then - and plant my dream - together.

Girl: Sure thing buddy!

Boy: Are you really my buddy?

Girl: Sure I am, buddy. Let's go.

(They exit, with the boy looking slightly crazed)



Copyright Reid, J&L. 1997, A Reid Theatre Company Play, all rights reserved.

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