Just a Rose

Author unknown


A parable on sexual abstinence (or lack of it) before marriage. Particularly suits a discussion group setting.


Romans 6:12-14, Ephesians 5:1-3


Various others


Narrator: We’re going to perform the skit Just a Rose. As I read the skit, I’ll pause to allow you to act out the story. The guys’ group should act out anything referring to them, and the girls’ group should do the same. Steve and Denise will perform actions that relate to them as well. Ready? Let’s begin.
(Note: Narrator should allow pauses for action at appropriate places)
Once upon a time, God wanted to give something special to his children, Steve and Denise. So he gave each of them a gift box with a surprise inside. Steve was pretty excited. He tried to peek through the wrapping, but couldn’t tell what was inside. He shook the package to see if he could figure out what was inside. Finally, he ripped the package open, and inside was a red rose.
Denise was also very curious about her present. She balanced it on her head to see if it was heavy.  It wasn’t. She tossed it in the air to see if it would break. It didn’t. Finally, she too ripped open her package, and inside was a pink rose.
God spoke to his children. "For years, guys and girls have been very confused about each other. They needed a special gift, a present from me to show how much I value them. So, I gave them their sexuality. Your roses, Steve and Denise, are symbols of that sexuality. Treasure them and care for them so that when you marry, you’ll have a special gift to give your husband or wife for the rest of your life."
So Steve and Denise hid their roses in safe places.
Time passed. Denise met quite a few guys. Sometimes she’d get other girls to go out on group dates with her and other guys. They’d often go out to eat or dancing. All in all, Denise and the girls had a pretty good time.
Steve spent a lot of time with girls. Sometimes he’d get a group of guys together, and they’d serenade the girls while kneeling on one knee. Other times, the guys would show off for the girls by playing basketball, or football. The girls always "oohed" and "aahed" appreciatively. The girls especially like it when Steve and the guys would invite them to the mall. They’d go
window shopping,  play video games, and eat onion rings in the food court. All in all, it was a pretty fun experience.
Then one day Steve picked out a special girl from among the other girls. They started going out and, pretty soon, were seeing each other often.  They dated for several months, and all the guys, girls, and Denise whispered to one another that Steve and this girl would get married. Once, while they were out on a date, this girl asked if Steve would give her his rose. Steve was tempted, but he remembered what God had said about saving it for his wife. so he refused. The girl cried and threw a fit, but still Steve refused. That night, Steve and the girl broke up.
The next day all the girls were whispering about Steve. Some said he was gay. Others said he was just stupid. The guys all laughed at him, but he knew he’d done the right thing.
Meanwhile, Denise picked out a certain special guy from among the other guys. They dated for several months, too. Then Denise’s boyfriend asked for her rose. At first she refused. But he seemed so hurt and sad that she felt sorry for him.  "After all," she thought, "he loves me, and we’ll probably get married someday." So she gave him her rose. He took the rose out of the box and accidentally bent the stem. Before long, all he cared about was Denise’s rose. He rarely talked with her anymore. They broke up during their senior year because the guy found someone new.
In time, other guys asked for Denise’s rose, too. Some pulled off a few petals. A few more bent the stem. Time passed, and Denise began to long for her rose to be new like it once was. But try as she might, she couldn’t get her rose to look as it had when God gave it to her.
Then she started going out with Steve. They dated for some time, but Steve never asked for her rose, even though she expected him to. Finally the day came when they walked down the aisle to be married. For a wedding present, Steve gave Denise his rose, and was proud he’d kept it in such good condition for her. How do you think Denise felt when she gave Steve her rose?


Have the kids read Romans 6:12-14 and Ephesians 5:1-3.
How would you have felt if you’d been Steve? If you’d been Denise?
Why do you think Romans 6:12-14 and Ephesians 5:1-3 discourage sex
before marriage? What’s your opinion on sex before marriage?
In what ways do guys and girls pressure each other into having sex? In
what way can guys and girls encourage each other to save sex for marriage?
How can a person who’s already had sexual relations restore his or her
"rose"? Read 2 Corinthians 5:17. How can God restore a person’s rose?

Activities for further study.

Have kids discuss the dangers of being sexually active. Encourage kids
to think through consequences such as the risk of pregnancy and early
parenthood, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, loss of one’s
 reputation, shame and inability to forgive oneself, and a hampered
 relationship with God.

Romans 6:12-14.
Ephesians 5:1-3