Mission In-prayerable

By John McNeil


A quick advertisement for a workshop on prayer, with a Mission Impossible theme.



SFX: ("Mission Impossible" theme is established, then fades under the sound of a telephone ringing)

(A man enters, crosses to a flower vase, picks up the bunch of flowers and holds it to his ear.)

Video: (During the following, video clips could be used to illustrate what is being said by Control.)

Control: (over sound system) Good morning, Mr Phelps. There has been a revolution in your city, and a new overlord has come to power. Because he has taken over by stealth, most of the authorities don't realise they are no longer in control. They see the symptoms, but don't know who is behind it, or how to fight.

So every day, more people are falling below the poverty line, being entrapped by drugs, committing suicide, tearing apart their marriages, suffering domestic violence.

This overlord, dwells in a stronghold that is extremely well hidden, and which cannot be breached by ordinary weapons. However, its location has been discovered, and a secret weapon has been developed that can overturn him. This weapon is desperately needed by a rescue organisation which has been mounted to care for the casualties of the revolution, but is struggling for want of ammunition.

The plans for this weapon are being carried by a man I shall call Brian. Your mission, should you wish to accept it, is to locate Brian, get the weapon plans from him, and deliver them to the rescue organisation.

Good luck, Jim, and remember ... these flowers will self-destruct in 30 seconds ... unless you eat them first.

(Jim exits, stuffing flowers into his mouth.)

SFX: (Music to climax.)