Double Word Score

By Walt Scheiman


A man and wife are sitting around playing Scrabble,  both are obviously very bored, and discouraged with their marriage.  There is  little dialog, all words relate to words being played in the game. Even though they only say one word at a time their message comes through loud and clear.




Card table, Scrabble game, 2 pads of paper, 2 pencils, newspaper


As each plays his/her word they say the word, pick up the pencil and write down their score and pick new game tiles.


(Narrator enters and stands next to the table. As he speaks the husband and wife enter one at a time and sit at the table.   Husband is slouched down in his chair reading the newspaper, looking numb, his wife is contemplating her next word.  Both look extremely bored.)
N--Their marriage is like so many others.  First there is the husband. (he enters and sits)  He works too many hours.  When he does come home he just barely has time to do the yard work.  Even if he had the time to talk to his wife she would just talk about things that interest her.  He's got better things to do. And then there's his wife (she enters).  She loves her husband but you would never know it.  She's too busy with the kids and the house work.  The kids need her, the PTA needs her, even her mom and dad need her.  But she aches for her husband to need her. Once a week they come together to play a simple game of "Scrabble".  It's the only time during the week that they actually speak to one another or, should I say, at one another. They have become very good at the game. And getting messages across to each other during the course of the it.  Tonight they will reach a crisis point in their marriage. Will they make it?  It will all depend on how they put their pieces together. (narrator exits)
W--(laying down tiles) Bored! (Word she is playing)
M--(not really listening) What?
W--(tapping finger on the board, spell it out) B-o-r-e-d!
M--(sighs while laying down the paper, lays down tiles) Ditto!
W--(lays tiles) Marriage
M--(Laughing to himself, lays tiles) Joke!
W--(starting to get upset, lays tiles) Why?
M--(lays tiles, looking right at her, getting nasty) Nag!
W--(lays tiles, also nasty) Lazy!
M--(lays tiles, very Mean) Freedom!
W--(lays tiles, confused) Explain
M--(lays tiles, sheepishly) Affair
W--(lays tiles, very shocked and upset) Who? (she no longer keeps score)
M--(lays tiles, embarrassed)  Work  (he stops keeping score)
W--(lays tiles) Vows?
M--(lays tiles, sadly) Over.
W--(lays tiles, crying, barely able to get it out) Divorce?
M--(lays tiles, sadly)Fine!
W--(lays tiles, after a pause, still crying, still upset, pleading) Jesus!
M--(attitude changes quickly, he reaches out to her then pulls back and lays tiles, with compassion) Pray?
W--(lays tile, as in prayer) Help
M--(lays tiles, as in prayer) Heal
W--(lays tiles, still in prayer) Restore
M--(lays tiles, apologetically, she turns away) Sorry (He pushes board off to the side, reaches across table and takes her hand and looks her in the eye) Sorry.
W--(Words are no longer being played they are talking to each other, Smiling) Forgiven.
 © 6/96, Walt Scheiman, all rights reserved.
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