The Persecutor

By David Marriott


Based on the autobiography of Sergei Kourdakov, a Russian Secret Police member who persecuted Christians.


Nikiforov, Secret Police chief
Sergei Kourdakov, Secret Police member
Victor, Secret Police member
Alex, Secret Police member
Christian 1
Christian 2
Natasha Zhndanalva
Various other non-speaking parts


Nikiforov – This is big one, Kourdakov, make sure you get at least ten men and be here by 8:30 sharp.
Narrator – Sergei began calling his men, he usually found it hard to get 10 men, but today he mustered 14 men.  They were all so anxious to beat-up the infidels.
Nikiforov – The address is 66 Okean Street.  You’d better stop right about here (points on a map).  You can make it the rest of the way on foot.
Sergei – Any special instructions?
Nikiforov – (handing a list of names), these are the ones that we want.
Sergei – What about the rest?
Nikiforov – Do I have to spell it out for you?  Give them something to remember.
Narrator – At last it was time for them to go; they sped off racing across the city, lights flashing and sirens screaming.  As they got within a few blocks, they turn off the siren, the lights and the engine.
Sergei – Pull over, here.
Narrator – They walked toward the house number 66 and its unsuspecting praying occupants.  Sergei assigned one-man guard each door and the windows.  Stealthily they moved toward the front door.  After one more to check to make sure everybody was ready, Sergei hit the door in a fly run and snapped the door open.  Inside they found 14 young people praying.  Yet some kept praying.
Sergei – These people are incredible (jokingly).  What are you doing.
Christian 1 – Praying.
Sergei – to whom?
Christian 2 – To God.
Sergei – There is no God you fool, don’t you know that?  You are praying to empty air.  (Starting to chuckle an evil laugh) Where’s your God now?  Let him help you.
Narrator – Suddenly the fight was on.  Vladimir grabbed an old man, smashed him in the face, and sent him screaming to the floor in a pool of blood.  Anatoly, not to be outdone, grabbed someone else and was pounding him in the stomach.  Then he finished him quickly with a frightful blow to the mouth. Yuri picked up an old woman, grabbed her long gray hair, pulled her head back, and struck her across the throat with a karate chop.  Without a sound, the old woman crumpled to the floor. Nothing in the house – people or furniture – escaped their wrath.  In minutes the house was shambles.  Half covered by debris were the believers, some unconscious and the rest in agonizing pain. Victor reached for a young girl who was trying to escape.  She was a beautiful girl.  What a waste to be a believer.  Victor caught her, picked her up and lifted her high about his head.  Then he threw her so hard she hit the wall at the same height she was thrown.  With that, she dropped to the floor, moaning.
Victor - “I’ll bet the idea of God went flying out of her head.”
Sergei – Get their papers.  I want her papers (pointing to the girl that was thrown across the room). um…Natasha…Natasha…Zhndanalva…
Narrator – The job was done.  It was time to go.  As they left, Sergei took one last look around the scene we were leaving behind.  The room was strewn with broken things.  Blood spattered the bleak walls.  They had done their work well.
Sergei – What stupid fools, how could my country, Mother Russia, be endangered by people like that?
Narrator – Three days later Nikiforov came running out of his office.
Nikiforov – Kourdakov, get your men ready and take off right now.
Narrator - They roared, and jumped out before the truck stopped rolling and rushed to the front door, crashing through.  To their astonishment, they were all young people. They had found a secret young people’s meeting in progress.
Sergei – That is him, grab him.
Narrator – Sergei quickly scanned the room.  One particular girl caught his attention.
Sergei - There she is, the same girl!  It can’t be.
Narrator - Only three nights before, she had been at the other meeting and was viciously thrown across the room.  It was the first time Sergei really got a good look at her.  She was more beautiful than he had first remembered – long, flowing, blonde hair and large blue eyes, one of the most naturally beautiful girls he had ever seen.  Victor saw her too.
Sergei – Well it doesn’t look like you did such a good job the last time
Narrator - Sergei picked her up and flung her on a table face down.  One of the men held her and Sergei began to beat her as hard as he could, hitting her again and again.  His hands began to sting under the blows.  Her skin began to blister, until pieces of bloody flesh came off on his hand.  She fought desperately not to cry.  When Sergei was so exhausted that he couldn’t raise his arm for even one more blow, and her back was a mass of raw flesh, he pushed her off the table on the floor.
Sergei - There is no point in prolonging our job.  We’ve got our man!  Get the names and let’s get out of here. Young people believing in God - it is just too much for me to grasp.  These are people my generation.  But that Natasha has certainly been taught a lesson.  I took care of her tonight.  We’ll never see “Gorgeous” again.
Narrator - About a week later they were called to headquarters. When they reached the meetinghouse, Sergei posted guards and they burst in swinging clubs wildly. The bewildered believers began to scatter.  Sergei boastingly said that this wouldn’t take long.  Then Sergei caught a glimpse a familiar face.
Sergei – I can’t believe this, there she is again…Natasha
Narrator – Several of the guys noticed her.  Alex moved toward Natasha, hatred filling his face, his club raised high above his head.  Then, without warning Victor jumped between Alex and Natasha.
Victor - Alex, I’m telling you, don’t touch her! No one touches her!
Sergei – Victor, one of my most brutal men, protecting the believer?
Victor - Get back!  Get back or I’ll let you have it.
Alex – You want her for yourself, don’t you?
Victor – No, she has something we don’t have…. get back no one touches her.
Sergei – Alex, get that one that is trying to get away!!! (Alex, clearly distracted runs away)
Narrator - Victor still stood with his arms out, daring anyone to take a step toward her.  Natasha stood behind him, not understanding what was happening.  Sergei nodded to her, then motioned for her to get out.  She turned and hurried away.
Sergei - For the first time in my life, I am deeply moved.  Natasha does have something.  She has been beaten horribly.  She has been warned and threatened.  She has gone through unbelievable suffering at our hands, but there, there she was……… again.
Narrator – Victor and Sergei eventually asked Christ into their hearts.  Victor escaped Russia and came to the United States and God used him to lead many to Christ.
Copyright David Marriott, all rights reserved.
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